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  • S asked: I am trying to educate myself on plc programming. I am an electrician so i do have a little knowledge but need to try and self teach plc programming. What can you suggest? about 10 PLC Training Video Course Series
  • S asked: please provide some more information on this course and if other courses suitable for my profile(mechanical maintainance engineer in oil and gas sector) then please suggest. about Air Compressor Training
  • N asked: pls send me the price about Industrial Electrical Training Video Course
  • M asked: Good day! I would like to inquire on how to register for this free PLC Training course? Thank you. about Free PLC Training Course - PLC Networking Basics
  • M asked: Good day! I would like to inquire on how to register for this free PLC Training course? Thank you. about Free PLC Training Course - PLC Source Sink
  • G asked: How to design hotel engineering standard operational manual about Maintenance Policy and Procedures Manual
  • K asked: Can you send me the info on this class that is available. about Infrared Inspection of Electro Mechanical Systems
  • J asked: Hello, I currently use arbortext for adding in various comments from different people. Comments are published to pdf, and then I need to incorporate comments and changes in the arbortext version of the document. For each change I need to insert a "Change" tag, then select either add, modify, or delete. This is pretty simple, but when I need to put in a "change" tag to change a figure, table, acronym, or caution/ warning sign it does not allow me to use the change icon, and I simply do no know how to do it. Please help! about Authoring with Arbortext Editor - DITA Edition
  • H asked: I would like to have information about the voice over (dubbing) training courses specially for advertisements along with the fees. Thanks, Harshada Patange about Indian Voice-Overs
  • S asked: Dear sir, I would like attend above mentioned subject courseplease give me a full details of the course How much fees, duration, etc Looking forward from you Regards Sami about Air Compressor Training
  • R asked: Hello, I'm interested in this training CD but I've looked at the program and it is a bit too much for what we require. Is it possible to do only some parts of the training within the CD? We are a High Voltage motor manufacturer in the uk and would like to give our employees additional training regards robin about Hazardous Area Instrumentation CD Based Training
  • J asked: Like to find out the price of this course, and is it on dvd about Industrial Electrical Training Video Course
  • M asked: dear sir, what is cost, can i enroll and learn online what is worth of diploma is this recognized. about Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Automation
  • B asked: what is the cost? When is the next webinar? Would we receive a copy of the ppt? about SCADA Basics Course
  • M asked: price and the sunner I can take it about Handwashing Responsibilities in Healthcare
  • B asked: THE COST FOR THE HR ANNUAL SECURITY TRAINING COURSE about NY Security Guard Training Center
  • M asked: Please email me all the details related to the course. - Course structure - Features - Exams and Certificates - Cost and classroom details - Distance learning scope about Control Systems Technology - SCADA and PLC Training
  • S asked: I have little to no experiance with this system is this the course i should be interested in? about Troubleshooting with the Allen Bradley PLC and RSLogix - Workshop
  • A asked: Good day Do your provide a one year learnership course for a company's employees? about DDV Training
  • Y asked: Hello, I am years old electrical engineer. Do you think it is useful for someone who has no idea about plc and scada at the end of the course(will I be able to diagnose and work with plc?)Do you provide this course online? Thanks in advance. Sincerly, ACAR about Control Systems Technology - SCADA and PLC Training
  • S asked: I want to do course.. are u really able to help me.. about Smile Consultants
  • M asked: please send me a quote for people and I would also like to know the dates available for the course about Telephone Etiquette
  • P asked: Please I would like to study and write the exams in the National General Certificate on line. I therefore want to know the procedure for registration, the mode of registration fee, the home for the learning materials and all about the examination and the center for the exams. Thanks about NEBOSH National General Certificate
  • R asked: We are looking for an onsite plc programming instructor to teach and explain hot to write a program for the PLC. Can anyone help? about On-site Customized PLC Training
  • N asked: What programs do you currently offer for training in Microsoft Office. Please advise whether they are online or classroom training along with the schedule of the training (i. e. daily/ weekly, timeframe)and pricing. Thanks! Nate about Sudbury Training
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