CNC - Computer Numerical Controlled Training and Seminars


CNC - Computer Numerical Controlled Training Classes CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) equipment relies on computer instructions to machine parts and materials into the form specified by the blueprints. CNC Technicians are the people with the expertise to develop the CNC programs from design specifications.
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CNC - Computer Numerical Controlled Training Seminars and Classes
From Laz-it Engraving Inc
Taking the Mystery out of Laser Engraving An introduction to Laser engraving. This course is intended for those who have no knowledge of laser engraving and would like to know more about it; those who are comtemplating buying a laser and would like to know more before they leap; or those who have a laser and are new to the technology and would like to understand the broad range of applications the laser engraver encompasses. With some  more...
Basic Laser Engraving Skills This program uses CorelDraw as a design tool for creating and editing files used in laser engraving. At the end of the program, the student will be able to create a drawing that is laser ready and identify the appropriate laser settings for the type of drawing and material being used. Engravable material is provided however, students may bring their own material on which to engrave. Typically,  more...
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