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J2EE Application Servers

ATG Dynamo Training Classes Art Technology Group's ATG Dynamo is a suite of Java Components for e-Commerce, online CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Personalization.
The product suite includes
  • Dynamo Application Server (DAS): A J2EE compliant application server
  • Dynamo Personalization Server (DPS): For user based personalization and content targeting
  • Dynamo Scenario Server (DSS)
  • Dynamo Commerce Server (DCS)
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ATG Dynamo Training Seminars and Classes
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ATG Dynamo - Writing Effective Scenarios instructor led trainingcomputer lab Dynamo is a Java Application Server developed by Art Technology Group (ATG). Writing Effective Scenariosis the essential introduction for marketing and business analysts who will be writing and maintaining Scenarios for Java, JHTML or JSP applications running on Dynamo  more...
ATG Dynamo - Developing Applications with ATG Dynamo instructor led trainingcomputer lab ...Technology Group (ATG). Developing Applications with ATG Dynamo is:   the essential seven-day introduction for java programmers who will be developing Java/JHTML applications running on Dynamo It's absolutely essential to provide your developers with training before they start developing applications with ATG Dynamo. Dynamo is an extremely flexible, efficient and powerful  more...
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