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XSLT Training Classes XLST is a pretty complex and powerful technology which is used to convert XML documents to different formats
Some important terms: markup, xml, xslt dom, markup, model, parser, xerces, xml and xslt.
XSLT Training Seminars and Classes
From Serebra Learning Corporation
Directory and Database Integration Using DirXML - Part 4: XDS Documents and XSLT Stylesheets on-line e-learning cbt (computer based) The is the final course in a four part series that introduces the learner to PeopleSoft and configuring PeopleSoft for integration with eDirectory. The course covers the following topics XDS documents and XSLT stylesheets modifying and testing a PBX driver and the Windows NT domain driver.  more...
XML Programming Part 2: DOM, SAX, and XSLT on-line e-learning cbt (computer based) This is the second course of the XML curriculum and teaches more of the skills needed to implement XML in an enterprise situation. It will cover processing XML documents using the Document Object Model (DOM) and parsers using the Extensible Linking Language (XLL) and using XML with databases and developing XML-based enterprise applications.  more...
From Aspect Training
XSLT Introduction Intermediate ...XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transforms) enables you to transform XML data from one document type into other XML document types, and even into other formats such as HTML, XHTML, WML, and XQL. Aspect Traininga s XSLT Introduction/ Intermediate training course teaches attendees everything they need to begin using XSLT in their XML projects. XSLT is a pseudo-programming language or  more...
From Luxoft Training
Basic Use of XSLT The course teaches participants how to use XSLT to transform information from XML.  more...
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