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Some important terms: ergonomics, chairs, rsi, repetitive stress injury, lumbar support, posture, workplace fitness, health and wellness.
Ergonomics Training Seminars and Classes
From Occupational Safety Training Institute
Manual Materials Handling - PowerLift instructor led trainingworkshop / seminartrain the trainer WHAT IS POWELIFT TRAINING? This is a non-traditional material handling train-the-trainer course. This is not the usual "place your feet shoulder distance apart, keep your back straight and lift with your legs" type training. It is a patented method of training. a Entry level to long time employees decide immediately to use PowerLift because they can feel the difference it makes. a  more...
From System Concepts
Safe Manual Handling Techniques Safe Manual Handling Techniques is a three hour workshop for people whose job involves moving things manually. It provides workers with the skills they need to decrease the risk of manual handling injuries, encouraging them to take responsibility for their own comfort and safety. This approach will help reduce sickness and absenteeism, lower healthcare costs, insurance premiums and compensation  more...
From Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Display Screen Equipment Awareness on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)study at homeself directedcd romDVD Delegates will understand the requirements of both the employees and employer under current areas of legislation. You will be made aware of the inherent risks associated with using DSE along with the correct positioning of equipment at the workstation. Learning Objectives: - Identify underpinning legislation - Understand risks and possible injuries - Be aware of correct positioning of  more...
From The Training Experts Ltd
Computer Health Safety DSE This CPD certified course is designed to make students aware of the health risks that can be caused by incorrect use of computer equipment. The course can also be used to help your organisation be legally compliant with the Display Screen Equipment Regulations that came into force on 1st January 1993. Does your organisation have employees that use display screen equipment in an office, while  more...
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