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Hobbies and Pastimes Training Classes Things we do for ourselves and for others
Some important terms: hobbies, hobby, pastimes fitness, health and wellness.
Hobbies and Pastimes Training Seminars and Classes
From Indian Board of Alternative Medicine
Distance Learning Alternative Medicine Diploma Courses on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)study at homecoursewareself directedbook Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (Department of Distance and Continuing Education): The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, based in Calcutta (Kolkata), India is an internationally-recognized holistic medicine training institute offering classroom-based training and distance learning courses to students all over the world. We offer undergraduate and graduate diploma and degree  more...
From Business Coach Philippines
Soap Shampoo Lotion and Perfume Making Business Overview Learn how to make soap, shampoo, lotion, perfume and more! This can be easily started with very minimal capitalization. The business may be started home-based, and is scalable. Objectives a To learn how to make soap, shampoo, lotion, etc. Who Should Participate a Those who want to start a new business  more...
From UK College of Holistic Training
Certificate in Numerology (distance learning) study at homeself directedbooktextbooks and written assignments submitted by email Course description Numerology is the study of the esoteric significance of numbers and letters. The roots of numerology lie in the writings of Pythagoras, the Kabbalah, the Hebrew alphabet, and various strands of ancient wisdom. This is a self-directed home study course. This unit provides a background in: * the esoteric concepts required to understand numerology;  more...
From Centro Italiano Firenze
Walks in the Florentine hills Experience the countryside surrounding Florence on foot, walking amidst vineyards and olive groves, through small villages steeped in history. Your guide speaks Italian and English and will lead you through areas of extraordinary beauty, providing you with details of the history, traditions and monuments of each place. These are afternoon excursions and last about 3-4 hours each.  more...
From Harriet Anderson - Alexander-Technik
Walking the South Downs with the Alexander Technique instructor led traininggroup study and discussionworkshop / seminar These are guided group walks on the South Downs between Brighton and Lewes. They are designed to give you the opportunity to experience free walking using the Alexander Technique, with hands-on guidance. We will also explore widening fields of awareness, quieting the inner voices, and dealing with ever-changing terrain. We might end our walk with a picnic or visit to a tea-room.  more...
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