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Mediation Training Classes Mediation and conflict resolution
Some important terms: conflict resolution, mediation human resources and labor relations.
Mediation Training Seminars and Classes
From 6P International, LLC
Arbitration and Mediation on-line e-learning cbt (computer based) COURSE DESCRIPTION: In our modern litigious society, the value of arbitration and mediation in the business sector cannot be understated. This course examines the main objectives behind both methods of litigation, how they differ, how they work, and how final decisions are reached.  more...
From Star Leadership, Inc
A Step-by-Step Guide to Conflict Resolution study at homeself directedcd rom Have you heard employees use the words a bullya , a victima , a paina , or a sadista to describe coworkers? These common labels indicate the potential for or presence of conflict in the workplace. Although conflict occurs in every organization, if not properly managed, it has the potential to destroy relationships, increase absenteeism, create health problems, and lead to waste of time,  more...
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