Effective Feedback Training and Seminars


Effective Feedback Training Classes Providing and receiving effective feedback is essential in productive relationships
Some important terms: feedback, criticism, relationships and workplace communication.
Effective Feedback Training Seminars and Classes
From 4 Hour Training
Giving & Receiving Feedback instructor led trainingvideo based,accelerated learning Please contact us for more information.  more...
From Marigold Consulting
Quick and Painless Ways to Give Constructive Feedback instructor led trainingon-line e-learning cbt (computer based)group study and discussionself directedbookworkshop / seminar In this lunch and learn, wea ™ll examine the ten qualities of constructive feedback. Wea ™ll talk about what it looks like and what it should sound like. Giving constructive feedback can be quite challenging. Being on the receiving end of constructive feedback can be equally challenging. No need to worry! We will review the seven tips for giving constructive feedback and the five tips  more...
From Effective Outsource Networks
Writing in Response to Enquiries Feedback In an age of mobile devices, ready internet access, and social media platforms, written communication has become faster and easier. Couple that with an increasingly entitled generation unafraid to voice their displeasure, and you will have an increasing number of public feedback. How that is managed can become a public affairs nightmare or a stepping stone to a better spin to your organisationa  more...
From Vantage Corporate Education
Difficult Conversations - Communicating for Results When faced with a difficult conversation in the workplace, people tend to do one of two things a they either take no action and avoid the conversation, or they approach the conversation ineffectively. Both options lead to negative results: * Weakened relationships * Damaged team morale * Damaged credibility Given the bottom-line impacts, addressing this  more...
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