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Signetsoft Signet soft, a division of Dama Signet Solutions is known for Quality training by real time experts. We provide unbiased approach training towards BUSINESS ANALYTICS SAS, ,SPSS,Statistics,java,j2EE,android,HR training, Advanced excel,VBA. A lot of thought process has gone into the making of our institute. SIGNET is an end product of a group of likeminded people who have come together to provide more...
Ravi Mayar Celebrity Magician, Pickpocket and Hypnotist -BAR MAGIC FOR THE PROFESSIONAL SOCIALITE- Canadian/ British 3 time "TRAINER OF THE YEAR" award My Objective Over the course of my life I have had 2 passions, SOCIAL NETWORKING and MAGIC. "Forget what you think you seen before The material for this workshop comes from my working repertoire and some of these effects are my very own creations and will be on my upcoming DVDmore...
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