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Kawas Consulting SAL Kawas Consulting has more than seven years of solid experience grounded in the field of selling. Through our Sales Consultancy program we offer practical and cost effective guidance in the intricate aspects of direct selling, consultative selling, retail selling, sales management, as well as an extensive knowledge in both sales support techniques and strategic selling training. Our program is more...
Sam Hospitality Academy WHO WE ARE Sam Hospitality Academy is a well-established and well-known provider which delivers high quality advice, training and assessment to the hospitality industry. We run onsite courses which enable people to build their foundations in the sector, update their skills and increase their expertise within the hospitality world. Operating since 2011 in South Africa, Sam Hospitality Academy more...
Draper NDT Services and Consulting, L. L.C Draper NDT is a company specializing in the field of Nondestructive Testing. We have an ASNT Level III in radiography, magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing and visual testing. We offer classes in all these methods. We also have Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant and Ultrasonic Thickness testing equipment, and offer services in those areas. All classes are instructed by a Level III more...
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From O O Software GmbH
System Maintenance
O O SafeErase V2.0 O O SafeErase offers the reliable solution for safe deletion of security-sensitive files and gives you the ultimate in data protection. With O O SafeErase, even hackers and data spies cannot restore your safely erased files. O it annihilates them using approved and recommended methods. If Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP is your operating system, you can now prevent unauthorized access to More...
From Tenebril Inc
Windows 95,98,Me,NT,2000,XP
TracksCleaner TRACKSCLEANER Clear Your Tracks By surfing the Web you create an information trail that Web site owners, hackers, other users of your computer and anyone else with technical savvy can use to learn a lot about you. They may find out your surfing habits and view your Web history. They may even know your personal or credit card information. Tenebril s TracksCleaner protects your privacy by erasing More...
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