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From The Leaders Institute
Public Speaking Secrets instructor led training control while speaking. We focus on ways to design and deliver powerful presentations, workshops, and seminars. Get Your Presentation Black Belt! Although any level of presenter is welcome to attend the Public Speaking Secrets class, the growth of each participant in this class is primarily dependant upon how well they have mastered the basics of presenting before attending the class.  more...
From Dr Rick Goodman
How to Deliver Powerful Presentations ... visual aids, and handling questions and answers. "How to Deliver Powerful Presentations" is the most highly participatory and personalize workshop of its kind. Each participant will receive coaching and feedback in order to help you learn and practice fundamental and advanced presentation skills. There are 8 - digitally video recorded personal presentations, and each session is followed by  more...
From Synergy Solutions International
Design & Deliver Powerful Presentations instructor led trainingtrain the trainer This is a program that uses videotaping as a coaching tool, in which both the organization of material, creation of visuals AND the delivery is emphasized. Organizational formats to accomplish various presentation purposes are discussed. The majority of this training in the classroom is spent in the taping of live presentations, with direct coaching provided. Participants receive a pre-class  more...
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