Equal Employment Opportunity

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Equal Employment Opportunity Training Providers and Trainers
ME Resolution Center ...l to the Non-Federal sectors. We specialize in Mediation, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) services, Human Relations (HR) Training and Call Center Management. We offer 100 EEO/ HR training courses, 2 EEO Services (Counseling/ Investigations), 3 Dispute Resolution Prevention Plans, 2 Mediation Training Courses (Basic/ Advance), 3 Mediation types (Family/ Business/ Divorce), Career Coaching, 2 more...
Proactive Human Resource Services, LLC Proactive Human Resource Services (PHRS), strives to be a high performance independent consulting company that provides supplemental HR services and training to our clients; through individualized services that benefit and support our clients needs and goals, specific to current and future business climates. PHRS strives to deliver aspects of Human Resource Management as an external support, more...
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