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From Bronze Dragon International Training
Tarot Journeys Deepen your knowledge and experience of the Tarot through Journeying in this 1 day workshop with Phil Callaghan in York, UK. Journeying is an ability to travel within the realms of energy and mind, accessing information for deep insight, personal development and spiritual growth. The energies of the Tarot can be used to guide and focus these Journeys - to keep you safe while bringing you  more...
Tarot Magic 8 week online course on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)self directed Learn how to use the Tarot for divination, journeying, manifestation and changework in this eight week course with Phil Callaghan. Course Content: Week 1. Introduction to the Tarot Week 2. Magick: Creating Sacred Space. Week 3. Magick: Journeying With the Tarot Week 4. Magick: Working with The Tree of Life Week 5. Magick: The Elements Week 6. Tarot: Divination Magick  more...
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