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Loses Training Seminars and Classes
From Fountainhead Resources Ltd.
Leading Through A Point-of-View workshop / seminar ...lessons. If this doesn't happen, the entire organization loses the benefit of the experiences and insights that shaped that individual's leadership rationale. The focus of this workshop is on leading through a point-of-view to translate strategy and guiding principles into business practices by using leadership as a prime employee engagement tool. One outcome for your organization is a  more...
Loses software and multimedia
From KIDware
Windows 95,98,Me,NT,2000,XP
LOGIC GAMES FOR KIDS ...ving beans from a jar and the one who takes the last bean loses AWARI is an ancient African pebbles-in-pits game. Logical planning skills are needed to collect pebbles from the pits. In DROP FOUR, you try to line up four basketballs or soccer balls by dropping them down a vertical playing grid. In ROW OF FIVE, the object is to line up five markers in a row on a checker board. Play against the More...
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