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Spanish Teacher Online via Skype Learn and study Spanish in Bahias de Huatulco, Oaxaca. Miguel Angel a teacher with over 30 years of experience offers a unique opportunity to engage in and develop cross-cultural experiences as a core requirement for academic porpuses, business expectations or travel proyects in Mexico. For an Immersion courses in Huatulco or Online lessons: Survivial Spanish Semi intensive Spanish Intensive more...
The Business Connection The Business Connection Services is best represented as a full sevice organization to take your business forward 180 degrees. Any more will take you back to where you started. Our programs include: Training for all levels of employment in communications relate topics. IE: COnflict Resolution, Dealing With Difficult People, Leadeship Skills, Office and Administratie Management, Ethics and more...
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From Linguatec
Text to Voice
Windows 2000
linguatec Voice Reader Mexican Spanish THE PREMIUM CLASS VOICE OUTPUT PROGRAM FOR SPANISH TEXTS LISTENING INSTEAD OF READING: The latest news from the Internet, Word and PDF documents, e-mails and newsletters ... Have them read to you in a pleasant-sounding voice instead of having to read them yourself. At the computer, in the car or on the go on your MP3 player. More...
From Ubisoft
Call of Juarez : Bound in Blood ...he McCall brothers face a renegade Apache Chief, a greedy Mexican bandit, a vindictive colonel just a few of the underhanded villains standing in the brothers way. Explore the vast natural landscapes of the mythical Wild West and its legendary period on horseback and in wagons and canoes. Innovative Online Multiplayer Unique modes, numerous maps and a variety of classes guarantee endless hours More...
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