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Aries Computer Solutions ...2. Motherboard Function Theory Practical. 3. Logic of "RESET","FRAME","CLOCK & DATA" Signal. 4. Logic of VRM Circuit ,Clock Circuit, Bios Circuit, RTC Circuit Etc. 5. Logic of DMA , IRQ , Etc. 6. Fault finding and Troubleshooting . 7. How to Read Component Datasheet. 8. Bios Programming using Programmer. 9. SMD Component Solder and Desolder Practical Training. 10. Bios more...
Melting Pot ...em to reorient their worldviews, recreate their contexts, reset their lives agendas and reinvent themselves . Fine Print of Life is explorative, not prescriptive. It doesn t show the way but enables the participants to find their own ways. As it brings people in touch with their own inherent wisdom, they find themselves intrinsically motivated, ready to take on the challenges of life more...
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