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kssinfotech we conduct computerised mobile phone repair couse starting from basics upto chip level service .We also conduct online mobile phone repair classes through video conferencing facility . THe details of the course contents are as follows . WE TRAIN PEOPLE ON CHIP LEVEL SERVICE & REPAIR OF MOBILE PHONES 1. SOLDERING 2. DESOLDERING OF COMPONENTS 3. CHECK OF VOLTAGES IN A BATTERY OF A more...
Aries Computer Solutions Brief about Course 1. Basic Electronics 2. Motherboard Function Theory Practical. 3. Logic of "RESET","FRAME","CLOCK & DATA" Signal. 4. Logic of VRM Circuit ,Clock Circuit, Bios Circuit, RTC Circuit Etc. 5. Logic of DMA , IRQ , Etc. 6. Fault finding and Troubleshooting . 7. How to Read Component Datasheet. 8. Bios Programming using Programmer. 9. SMD Component more...
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