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Reveal Solutions ...uity Discover the many unconscious signals that people transmit when they communicate Develop deep rapport with anyone; quickly, easily and ecologically Notice how we process and accept communication Learn to understand other's viewpoint with perceptual positions Expand your vocabulary and understanding with modalities and predicates Increase your influence to assist change in more...
Inspired Learning The Mini Workshop Series gives an equal opportunity for everyone in the company to have a chance to continuously learn in a fun and effective manner. The workshops can be held in your organization premise and/or hotels and conventions centers. How does it benefit you and your company? & 9633; Achieve a motivated and action based environment & 9633; Establish a culture of continuous more...
Peoplesmart Softskills Incorporation Our Vision Develop winning attitudes that will transmit and Trigger Universal Transformation. Objectives To deliver a powerful People Smart Personal Development Workshop that impacts the mind, heart and behavior for lasting success and also at the program conclusion participants should be able to: Develop all round personality with a mature outlook and winning Attitudemore...
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Transmit software and multimedia
From McAfee - UK
Windows 98,Me,2000,XP
McAfee Personal Firewall Plus v7 ...rnet access to malicious applications that might secretly transmit personal data to hackers, while allowing trusted programs to connect without unnecessary alerts or false alarms. Quiet, load-and-go installation makes it easier to install immediate, pre-configured protection. Industry standard inbound and outbound blocking provides complete firewall protection. Pre-set security levels, ranging More...
From Ashampoo
Windows 2000
Ashampoo FireWall PRO ...d other malware that tries to use trusted applications to transmit secret information. - Stealth ports: Stealth ports make your ports invisible so that scanner programs can t even see that your computer exists. This provides very strong protection against attacks. - Port scan blocking: Together with stealth ports it makes it virtually impossible for attackers to access your machine. - Complex More...
From Summitsoft
Mac OS X
WebGhost WebGhost keeps your online activity private Information about you and your computer can easily be accessed by any webmaster, hacker or other person interested in learning about your online habits or attempting to infiltrate your security. WebGhost protects your computer by redirecting your Web connection through a secure proxy server which hides your online identity, secures the information you More...
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