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iQrate Consulting Services ..., Windows Internals, SDK Programming, DDK Programming and Win32. Scripting - Shell, Perl and AWK. Embedded Systems - C, C , Micro Controller, Microprocessor, Assembly Language, RTOS, Linux, VxWorks, Win CE, Device Drivers, DSP, Multimedia Systems (Audio, Video) JPEG, MPEG, Set-Top-Box (Development & Testing) Networking - TCP/ IP, VOIP, SNMP, LAN, WAN, VPN, OSI, STACK, Socket more...
01hackers Enterprise IT Security Training Over 50 of security breaches are a result of end-user error, oversight, and ignorance. IT security training is an effective method of reducing end-user related security breaches JOIN 01HACKERS TRAINING COURSES 1. Ethical Hacking and Information Security Training 2. Hacking Tools and Security Application Development Training 3. Web more...
IAPS ...eaded Programming (Linux, UNIX (POSIX), Solaris, Windows (Win32) and Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology), Software Internationalization and Unicode. NT, Windows2000 and XP, Linux and UNIX Server and Intranet Development, Performance Optimization, Systems Programming, Standards, Development Tools, Window Systems, Shells, Applications, Information Security, Network Development, as well as more...
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