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Understand the principles of healing: Activate, Build, Cleanse and Direct Aids.

Designed for the beginning herbalist, this course will help you understand the principles of healing: Activate, Build, Cleanse and Direct Aids. Being new to herbs you may be confused about when to use cleansing herbs and building herbs. Should you take them together, or at different times? What if you have a specific problem, (i.e. kidney infection) should you take herbs for that problem along with cleansing or building herbs? What herbs/supplements act as activators, (i.e. vitalize the program you are on)? In this course you will examine the four principles of healing: Activate, Build, Cleanse and Direct Aids.
You will be given a Health Assessment Questionnaire to evaluate which of you body systems need support and charts for each system, so you can choose the right herbal program for your individual needs.
This course will help you to understand the basic principles of healing.
You will learn when to build and cleanse and how to choose the correct herbal program based on the results of the questionnaire.
You will also learn dosages and when to alternate between building and cleansing. Copy and use the questionnaire and charts for your personal use.
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ABC+D Principles of Healing
Outcomes By performing satisfactorily (90% or better) on the final exam. Assessment By the end of the course, students should possess the following knowledge and skills: 1. Learn the difference between Natural Medicine and Orthodox Medicine. 2. Be able to identify different herb forms. 3. Be able to discuss the nutritional benefit of herbs and have a good understanding of how they act within the body. 4. Obtain a good understanding of the Principles of Healing. 5. Be able to identify the main body systems and which key herbs best support them. 6. Have the ability to put together an Activate, Build, and Cleanse herb therapy program with the ability to choose the correct Direct Aids for the individual needs of different people. Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week #1 - Natural Medicine vs. Orthodox Medicine This reading assignment will give you a better understanding of Natural Medicine including; Naturopathic, Homeopathic, Herbalism, Chiropractic, Osteopathic and more. It will also help you to understand Orthodox Medicine and the differences between the two. This is good basic knowledge that will help you with the rest of the classes. Week #2 - Understand the Principles of Healing It is important that you understand the Principles of Healing before you begin any herbal program. This week we will learn the difference between Activating, Building, Cleansing and Direct Aids and when to do each. During this initial period you will learn how to identify your body''s individual needs with the Health Assessment Questionnaire and by using the charts supplied be able to choose the right herbs and three different healing programs. Week #3 - ABC+D Revisited This class is an expanded version of the Activate, Build and Cleanse Principles. This will give you a deeper understanding of this process and will help you when you try to decide on a plan of action for bringing your body back into balance. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SAMPLE LESSON WEEK 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reading Assignment: Natural Medicine vs. Orthodox Medicine Today''s health care consumer is fortunate because more options are now available in both natural and orthodox health care than ever before. It is also heartening that in recent years the various methods of health care have begun to merge. It is not unusual, for instance, for cancer patients electing to undergo chemotherapy to also fortify their immune system with herbs and other supplements before and/or after treatment. Clearly, today''s consumer cannery the best of all types of medicine, but to take advantage of the benefits of various forms of health care, consumers must be wise. In today''s health care environment it is essential to have a basic understanding of the philosophies, strengths and weaknesses of both orthodox and natural health care. The Growth of Natural Health Care It is hard to ignore the tremendous growth of natural health care in recent years. According to the Herb Research Foundation, sales of herbs doubled from 1981 - 1991 to more than $1.3 billion annually. Health clinics that offer alternative care are springing up nationwide. Practices considered outdated for the better part of the 20th century, such as midwifery and homeopathy, are gaining respect for their effectiveness and safety. According to a study published n the New England Journal of Medicine in 1989, today''s Americans spend more out-of-pocket money on alternative care than on orthodox medical care. Pharmaceutical Drugs or Herbs, Foods and Other Supplements? A key difference between natural and orthodox medicine is that orthodox medicine relies heavily on the use of powerful drugs to directly attack or "kill" disease, whereas natural medicine relies on the use of various measures to strengthen the body so it can fight the disease itself. The Physician Within The philosophy of natural health care can best be summarized in a simple sentence: the body is self-healing. The body is always striving toward health and has a innate healing power that causes a wound to scar over and heal, or causes the body''s temperature to rise when germs are present in an effort to create a temperature at which the organisms cannot survive. Personal Involvement in Health Care In decades past, "good patients" didn''t question their doctors. Patients were expected to passively accept the recommendation of their physician, who, it was believed, possessed knowledge far superior to the lay person. Today, however, you can open up magazines and see articles on dangerous medical tests, getting a second opinion, side-effects of commonly prescribed drugs, and other health subjects showing that drugs, surgery and orthodox medicine are under more scrutiny than ever before. Consumers are realizing that to blindly trust medical tests, prescription drugs, and their doctor''s diagnosis is sometimes a prescription for disaster. Prevention of Disease vs. Reaction to Disease Orthodox medicine, by and large, reacts to a disease only when it has progressed so far that symptoms are occurring, at which point dramatic measures of intervention are incorporated. One of orthodox medicine''s most glaring weaknesses is lack of stress on preventing disease. And yet, it''s not that many physicians aren''t aware of the need for prevention. It simply isn''t a priority in medical education. Primary Alternative Medical Therapies Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Herbalism, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Clarifications You can email your Instructor AS OFTEN AS YOU WISH to seek clarifications. We will attempt to respond as soon as possible. Evaluation There is a self directed Quiz at the end of the third class that will show your test results. Deadline: Three weeks from the date you started your class. Contact Hours: 15
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