Manifesting 102: How to Get What You Want w/o Goofing it Up First !

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As this 2nd offering in the Manifesting Series continues, the student now sees how energy is formed on purpose and how to use this new knowledge so that it shows in one`s experience.
It is as this point, that the students commitment level and trust in themselves will become evident, but a necessary point as one sees the ego`s role in this endeavor. The student will have some new choices that appear, and then will choose from the gentle nudging of their spirit selves or the predictable behavior of the ego. Recognizing the difference between the two, allows for more ease in manifesting. Also, discussed in this section is manifesting the valuable resource of money and the energy around that; how to see it and how to use it. The completion of this section then moves the student easily over into the 3rd in the series, Manifesting 103, where the Mechanics of Desire as intentions & goals are discussed.
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Manifesting 102: How to Get What You Want w/o Goofing it Up First !
Outcomes 1.Students will be given a simple quiz in objective terms to evaluate from a higher energy place versus a lower energy place of how they have evolved during this four week session. 2. Students will be asked to write a new intention based on what transformed for them during the 4 week course. (This can be applied to any aspect of life) 3. A multiple choice assessment, helping to make clear the students evolving during this period rounds out the assessment portion. Assessment Upon Completion of Manifesting 102 the student: 1. Will understand what fearful, insecure and doubtful moments really are, and how to see them from an energy standpoint versus an emotional one. 2. Develop an understanding of the differences between lower energy and higher energy, and how one manifests with momentum from a higher energy place. 3. Further understanding of the importance of Clarity in stating one`s desires, so that the desire is matched with what the student thinks they are asking for. 4. Will begin to see and notice when they fall out of alignment with what they say they are asking for, and what to do about it. 5. Will develop an understanding of money as a resource, how to manifest it from the aspect of it being a resource and how to ask for it, with clarity. 6. At this point, the student if not already will become aware of the larger aspects of themselves and how to use this larger aspect for manifesting a life experience of one`s choosing versus one not chosen. There is a pure energy to be tapped into from this point, and the student is now receiving some insight on their own in this area. Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Fear & Insecure Moments This week begins the second in a series of 3 in Manifesting *How-To''s*, as students begin to get clear on their desires, and how the energy begins to move and shift. This energy shifting sometimes shows up in fearful and insecure moments. 1. This week the student is given ways to recognize what is happening as fearful and insecure moments appear in our lives, and what it means to our potential manifesting. 2. How to successfully mold the energy, which is what every- thing is made of, so that movement is continued forward and not stuck or backwards. 3. A further understanding of what Fear actually is as representative of lower energy vs higher energy is offered this week. 4. The role the ego plays in moving from the known to the unknown. 5. Assignments and Essays are provided to aid the student in seeing what is happening instead of feeling the emotion and understanding the difference. What is Calibration? How Can You Use It to Manifest? 1. Defining Calibration 2. How applying calibrations to the flow of ones momentum in bringing circumstances & events chosen versus not chosen. 3. Methods are given to help the student expand their calibration, and show how this can become an automatic process. 4. This week has nothing to do with mathematics but shows the effect of Clarity in intentions, choices and decisions. 5. Assignment of how to notice when student falls out of calibration with their desires & how to move back in alignment. Money: How Is It Manifested? 1. This week addresses an important resource, Money. 2. Money. How can we attract it in ease and plenty. 3. Understanding the Energy of Money and how to apply that understanding in Manifesting. 4. How do we stop and start the flow of money? 5. Is it the experience or the money we really are desiring ? 6. It is with this week that the students begin to give themselves permission to play, and understand the importance play brings to manifesting our desires with momentum. 7. Exercise: The Powerful Asking Game: helps to know and use *sound* on a cellular level and is a team game. The team is made up various aspects of the student! Molding Energy with Your Higher Self/Soul 1. It is at this point in the series that the student begins to if not having done so already recognizes that there is a larger aspect of the student at play in manifesting the life experience. 2. The student begins to entertain the prospect that there is an access to the pure energy of the Universe. 3. Discussion of the Higher Self and access, to that which is seems outside of the human persona. 4. Exercise/Assignment: Continuation of the Powerful Asking Game and stating any observations. Questions will be asked in regard to this game. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SAMPLE LESSON WEEK 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Manifesting 102 Self Study Course by Susan James ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Week #1: Part I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ********************************************* Theme: Fear & Insecure Moments: Why They Show Up ********************************************* 1. A Basic Understanding: Everything is made of Energy. We call it Consciousness, God, Universe, Spirit, Love, Light. 2. There are different levels of this energy, different levels of light, different levels of Consciousness. None more important than the other, simply different levels, containing different vibrations and frequencies. 3. When we make a statement of intention, of which we feel a commitment towards, energy begins to move around us. It shows up in our life experience and relationships. 4. This is why folks choosing to lose weight, all of a sudden feel like everything shows up to *not help* them do that. 5. So if you are intending for a wonderful new relationship, for wealth, for better jobs, then what you are really asking for is to have the current energy replaced. 6. Your current energy is peanut butter, but you have asked for marshmallow. 7. Remember what you REALLY are asking for: You are asking for new energy to replace your old energy. New energy in the form of relationships, career, creative art expression. It will show up in what you see as your current life situations as change , some may be seen as a welcome change, some may create some uncertainty, in your *mind*. 8. Your choice is at this point to see it and go with it in full understanding and care for yourself. Or to NO, I will hold onto the old, and welcome the new as well. If you choose to try and hold on, due to fear of the unknown changes coming about, then that is when frustration and dis-ease enters because you can not have 2 energies occupy the same place. You either go forwards or backwards. There is NO in-between. If you try and stay in-between, you go backwards. 9. So lets assume, even despite some discomfort, you choose to continue forward in your intentions. So now what you to do is simply to get back to feeling better. 10. You will feel better, and you will then move to a higher energy level, where manifesting and things in general begin to look different and better ! So , Lets stop at this point and consider how you can move from this place of fear and insecurity over changes and events, to smooth sailing and intentions met. (endwk1part1/sj) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copyright 2001/Manifesting 101,102,103 Self Study Courses by SusanJames/VastFive/All Rights Reserved ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact Hours: 12
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