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Course description -- This bundle covers some of the most challenging human resource compliance issues that employees and supervisors facea sexual harassment, violence, and EEO practices. Use the lessons in this bundle to prevent or address workplace situations that must be handled sensitively in order to promote respect and avoid legal consequences. Also included is a course to assist your training and development professionals in transitioning from a traditional training role to that of business-oriented performance consultant. IMPORTANT NOTE: INTERNET EXPLORER (IE) BROWSER REQUIRED - can't use Netscape or other browsers for this training.
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How To Master Human Resources
How To Master Human Resources

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: -- Preventing sexual harassment -- Dismissing employees -- Dealing with workplace violence -- Interviewing candidates

Each course ends with a 20-question test made up of 10 true/false questions and 10 multiple-choice questions. If the Student achieves a 70% or higher on the test, then the training allows them to print out a Certificate of Completion. This test may be taken as many times as the Student wants during the licensed, on-line access period. No other testing or tracking is provided and, due to the personal nature of some of the skills tested, these scores are not recorded or tracked (besides the student themselves being able to print the certificate if they score >70% on the optional test). The test is not required to complete the course, but is an option, chosen at the student's discretion, should they desire to attempt to gain the Certificate of Completion.
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Discharging Employees Strategy 1: IDENTIFY When Discharge is Appropriate Tip: Consider previous actions. Review the facts. Gather additional information. Avoid emotional responses to specific incidents. Tip: Look at the severity of the problem.

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