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If you get frustrated in large training sessions because (1) you can't focus on your specific issues, or (2) because you wait all day for that one kernel of information that will help you or if (3) you get intimidated practicing in front of large groups...try 1 to 1 Professional Coaching. Our professional trainers/ businesspeople can coach you on your process, your products, your employee issues and enable you to walk out of a training session with an entire plan that will help you improve your performance. AND you get all this in a private conference room. Prices are competitive to typical registration fees for a public course. Call or email today if you want to increase sales, improve employee performance or enhance your overall professional image ! New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Boston and Connecticut.
This is primarily ilt training
On to one personal training and coachingOn to one personal training and coaching
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in Farmingdale, NY, or at one of these training facilities: Melville, NY,
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  • W asked: I am interested on this seminar. Do you mind providing me with more information about it?
  • U asked: please update me on course contant,
  • L asked: salesmanship Training
  • N asked: How much is the fee? If we come in group, will the fee be reduced?
  • N asked: what are the objectives of training given to a programmer?
  • asked: how can i get some trainings in product awareness and handling customers in a professional way?
  • T asked: Hello! My name is . I am a business associate for a small company. I am interested in finding out more about your professional training. I need some coaching in the following areas: Confidence Building Communications Professional Image Building Public Speaking Leadership Skills and Networking I am interested in finding out more information on the training that you provide for the areas listed above. Please e-mail me with more information. I am interested in seeing your rate card, as I have a small infant at home, and would need to budget accordingly. I look forward to hearing from your business soon! Thank you! All the best,
  • M asked: I am an up and coming young professional and I believe that there is some education that you NEED but cant learn in a classroom at college. I recently started a small business and I know that in order to succeed I MUST work on my sales and presenation skills. I believe it is one of the most important things to develope early on. I read the books and study but I think learning one on one and doing the things will be the only way to actually develpoe these skills correctly. I think the one on one training will work great for me and allow me to ask relevent questions speceific to my needs. If you can get back to me it would be great. Thank You L.
  • J asked: I am seeking professional coaching. I have expert knowledge skills and I'm in Senior Management. I'm seeking ways to be a better leader where I am driven, understood and respected. I need the right ways to communicate to drive results and promote support. I need help. I feel lost. Please let me know how you can help. Perhaps we can meet in person. I work in New York in the Empire State Building.
1 to 1 Professional Coaching - Sales, Presentations, Supervisory Skills
Topics for 1 to 1 Professional Coaching include Prospecting, Customer Dialogue Selling Skills, Negotiating Skills, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Supervisory Skills, Leadership Competencies, Professional Image, Career Coaching, Job Search Strategies
About The Training Provider: Taylor Performance Solutions, Inc.
Taylor Performance Solutions, Inc. - Taylor Performance Solutions, Inc. custom designs training programs to support businesses and organizations with improving service, increasing sales, developing strong leaders and developing effective trainers. Our focus is to increase bottom line business results by focusing on the job skills of the employees and the leadership of the management team. All products and services are tailored...
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