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Club Drugs

Police and Law Enforcement

Officers will learn about the indicators and visible effects of GHB, ketamine, Rohypnol, and Ecstasy.
Club Drugs ( 8-hour course ) Instructed by Trinka Porrata

A trendy name for a very serious problem that confronts today's youth and law enforcement. GHB, ketamine, Rohypnol, and Ecstasy are under the radar because society is not aware of the dangers they present. Can you identify which one of these drugs are used as an animal tranquilizer?
User profiles, raves, club drugs, rape, investigation techniques, and the laws governing club drugs are presented in detail.
Throughout this course, officers will learn about the indicators and visible effects of these trendy drugs. Take this class and watch your drug arrests soar.
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  • asked: Cost of class how it can be beneficial to my job as a correctional officer.
  • P asked: what are the laws governing the use of ketamine
  • asked: I am interested in this course but would like to know what the cost is and what kind of proof will I get that I completed the course?
  • J asked: Hello, I am a curriculum designer with the service. We have reviewed our Drug training and are interested in making some changes to our program. I am interested in your online course as we are investigating incorporating online learning into a new training program. Can you please send me an information package on your course?
  • T asked: I am interested in a course that may offer more indepth infomation on the current drug usage and intervention that nurses would encounter working with inmates in correctional facilites
  • D asked: I was wondering if you have to be a officer? I am starting a Youth in Action program I am also on a drug free coalition in my home town. I want to give back to the community so anything i can learn use is greatly appredicated.
  • L asked: Recently our agency has started up a new Drug Detection Unit.We are interested in getting some training that might further assist us in this area. We would appreciate any information you may have to offer. Thank You.
  • J asked: What startegies can we introduce as a society to reduce the level of drug use, partularly the drug Rohypnol.
  • R asked: Im a patrol officer looking to get as much education as i can hoping to get assigned to narcotics investigation someday the more you know the better of you are
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