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Managing Street Informants: Informant Development

Police and Law Enforcement

Learn the uses and pitfalls of developing and managing informants.
Managing Street Informants ( 8-hour course ) Instructed by Craig Michaels
Informants, snitches, stool pigeons, rats, and stoolies are a necessary evil to make criminal cases.
This course will teach you the uses and pitfalls of developing and managing informants.
Because of the sensitivity of the information provided in this course,
it will only be available to certified law enforcement officers.
This is primarily online training
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  • F asked: I would like to get more infotmation about your course. Price, location or the CD part. Tx. Cpl. GOYER Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • asked: I would like to receive any information on this course that you have available. I am a patrol officer in a small agency in Texas, and would like to be able to develop some informants.
  • M asked: I am interested in this course. I am a constable in with the Ontario Provincial Police in Canada, would you be able to send this to me? Thanks M
  • C asked: A recent addition to the Vice Narcotics team. I would like more information on this class; where it is taught? cost? anything to provide my supervisor.
Managing Street Informants: Informant Development
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