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Police and Law Enforcement

This course is designed to give officers the information, skills, and techniques needed to observe suspected criminal activity without being detected.
Surveillance ( 8-hour course ) Instructed by Rex McMillan

Law enforcement officers have been faced with the task of surveillance for centuries. This course is designed to give officers the information, skills, and techniques needed to observe suspected criminal activity without being detected. Following suspects on an expressway is different from a country road. What about losing a suspect in an urban area? Do you know the best method of regaining contact?
"Surveillance," is presented by Rex McMillan, a recently retired Senior Special Agent for the United States Customs Service and Drug Enforcement Agency. It will provide a comprehensive look at the different surveillance techniques, including foot and vehicle, using air support, using cover, and fostering a team environment. The course will be brought to life with interactive segments from the instructor, exciting graphics, and interesting information.

Because of the sensitivity of the information provided in this course,
it will only be available to certified law enforcement officers.
This is primarily online training
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  • D asked: I would like course information
  • K asked: I am a police detective and am looking for a surveilance class that I can take to other officers and hopefully teach in reference surveilance techniques. How much does your class cost?
  • B asked: Hi my name is I am a Deputy Sheriff with the office in Central Florida --. I relocated to a position that offers me plenty of free time and would like to take advantage of that by furthering my education. I was interested in many classes provided, however have little working knowledge about how to get enrolled, are the accredited, etc. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thank you in advance for your assistance. D/ S
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  • K asked: Could you please send me more information in reference to this hour class. I am very interested in sending an employee who is the surveillance officer of a work release program. Thank you!
  • W asked: I am a retired CHP Officer and interested in doing workman'comp investigations. This class sound very useful
  • K asked: I work for the Nebraska National Guard and work hand in hand with Nebraska state Patrol Investigators. Our detachment's mission is % surveillance operatioons and would like to learn some different techniques and procedures. I am not "sworn" law enforcement but I could have any drug investigator give you a reference on my be-half. I am intrested in the course lenght and cost as well as course load. Is there any type of certification that comes along with graduation from the course?
  • G asked: How do you access this course..? Is it provided online..? What is the cost and is it accredited through state sponsored police officer standards and training...? Thanks...gale wilberger
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  • M asked: I work in a Criminal for investigative police. I need a trining programm for oficers that observe suspected criminal activity
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