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Report Writing

Police and Law Enforcement

Clear, accurate, and thorough, all these issues and more are covered in this unexpectedly interesting course.
Report Writing ( 8-hour course ) Instructed by Kim Clark

Are they accurate? Have you covered all the facts? Inaccurate reports can come back and bite you. They need to be clear, accurate, and thorough.

All these issues and more are covered in this unexpectedly interesting course.

Remember, if it is not documented, it did not happen.
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  • asked: I am interested in receiving more information about the online report writing class. What is the cost and the class format? Thanks, Charles H.
  • asked: Is this an actual class on report writing via the internet? If this is please send me information pertaining to the course.
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  • D asked: Can I get the cost for this course. Thanks
  • S asked: I have several new deputies that need further training on report writing for law enforcement officers.
  • R asked: could u please provide information regarding how to prepare reports (technical) for engineering students.
  • R asked: I've been having problems writing the narrative section of my police incident and investigation reports and request information about you program.
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