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Patrol Response to Active Shooters

Police and Law Enforcement

The course examines public building shootings and provides critical information for the first responders. It shows specific officer deployment tactics, formations, and cornering strategies.
Patrol Response to Active Shooters ( 1-hour course )

Over the past six years there has been a significant increase in the numbers of indiscriminate shootings of innocent people in schools and public buildings. This has required law enforcement to reevaluate procedures in order to have a more effective response. The National Tactical Officers Association has produced a one-hour course, Patrol Response to Active Shooters, designed to provide officers with information needed to respond proficiently to active shooter situations.

Thirteen students were killed and dozens wounded at the Columbine High School shooting in 1999. March 1, 2000, Ronald Taylor shot six people, three fatally, and then took hostages in a senior center where he held police off for hours before surrendering.

These are just two incidents in an alarming increase in active shooting scenarios where suspects systematically eliminate people within a facility.

An active shooter inside of a public building is very different than someone shooting from a residential structure. The key to a successful conclusion lies with the first responding officer.

The course examines these incidents and provides critical information for the first responders. It shows specific officer deployment tactics, formations, and cornering strategies. Also covered are police, contact, and rescue team priorities, equipment, and procedures.

Because of the sensitivity of the information provided in this course,
it will only be available to certified law enforcement officers.
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Patrol Response to Active Shooters
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