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Did you marvel at the animation in Toy Story and wonder just how they did it? Or are you a computer game enthusiast, intrigued by virtual reality? Or an architect, interior designer, or planner looking for a way to digitize your designs?
Maybe you're just on the lookout for new design techniques to spice up your graphic or Web design portfolio.
Whatever the case, this fun, project-based course provides a thorough introduction to the advanced Autodessys Form_Z 3D modeling tool. You'll be making your own 3D images by the second lesson, and creating your own 3D environments by the fifth.
LESSON 1 Getting in Control of 3D Space In this lesson you are introduced to a new 3D world inside the computer. You'll learn about different camera views, or perspectives, for taking objects on the screen from two-dimensional space into three-dimensional space. You'll also learn the basics of manipulating these perspectives in a way that allows your 2D computer screen to render 3D objects. And you'll learn these techniques while working with sample models to produce beautiful 3D images.
LESSON 2 Solid Modeling and the Tools of the Trade This lesson tells you how to build your own 3D objects using the Form_Z application's solid modeling tools. You'll get more familiar with basic terms and concepts of solid modeling, and the tools available to in the Form_Z interface to customize your workspace. Finally, you'll get to build the skeleton for a toy robot by employing solid modeling skills you've honed in this lesson.
LESSON 3 Color, Texture, and Surface Styles In Lesson Three, you'll learn how to breathe life into your images by giving them color and surface textures. You'll learn the advantages and disadvantages of abstraction versus realism in your imaging. You'll also learn the techniques of Image mapping and other alternatives for adding texture to your models. All this will help you add detail to the robot you began in Lesson Two.
LESSON 4 Tips and Tricks for Good Lighting In Lesson Four the emphasis shifts away from thinking only about single images to thinking about the whole environment surrounding your images. And in this environment, proper lighting can make or break your image, whether it's abstract or photo-realistic. You'll learn about Z-buffer and Ray-Tracing, two techniques that the computer uses to render light. You'll learn about different types of light, to set moods and simulate real world settings.
LESSON 5 Animation, Multimedia and Virtual Reality In this lesson you're introduced to the ways that your 3D models can be made more dynamic. You'll learn the how 3D graphics can be used in cartoons, on the Internet and in interactive games. Looking at examples from Hollywood, the Web and popular computer games, you'll learn about the state of the art techniques used to create all that 3D magic, and then you'll create your own 3D movie.
LESSON 6 Using Advanced Techniques The last lesson will cover some more advanced modeling skills, which you should find helpful in your future 3D projects. You'll learn about how to revolve and rotate surfaces, how to use controlled mesh and some advanced rendering techniques such as environment maps and depth of field. Then you'll create your own image by placing a 3D image into a photograph.
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  • A asked: Hello, Is this course still offered by your training school? If it is could you please send me some information on it? Thank you
  • A asked: Hello, Is this course still offered by your training school? If it is could you please send me some information on it? Thank you
  • A asked: How much does the course cost? How long is it?
  • N asked: I am interested in a career in d modeling. I learned a bit of Maya, however, have never heard of this program before. Please send me information. Thanks
  • L asked: Hi, What are the costs for this course? Thanks
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  • asked: Hello, I was wondering when this class starts and how much it costs. thanks!
  • A asked: Would like info on the course, how to enroll and costs.
  • G asked: Hi, Please can you answer a few questions I have. . How is this training presented. Online / DVD etc? . How much is the course? . does it start from the basics? (Although I currently use Lightwave and Sketchup .) I look forward to your reply. Many thanks
  • F asked: Are the credits transferrable for a bachelor in fine arts? I'm not sure which school I want to go to yet.
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  • M asked: Greetings! I am a sculptor of some yrs experience looking to construct my ideas and place them within interior and exterior environments digitally. Is Form_Z able to interface with rapid prototype programs like STL files etc and is it suitable for a novice as an entry course. I need to go down this road due to hand injury and so would like also to be able to print my maquettes using a thermojet wax printer for lost was casting. Do you have an online course that combines such techniques or am I being greedy? Michael Mandelc
  • J asked: give me information about makeing all types d characters models all type work in d modeling how to do
  • R asked: I would like to recieve information about FormZ course
3D Modeling Using Form_Z Course
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