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Take your layout skills to the next level by studying advanced concepts in page design. Students explore how to use esoteric composition and typography and color to create layout designs that attract attention and challenge the viewer. Open-ended projects provide maximum opportunity for portfolio development.
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  • A asked: Could you please send me all information which i need to know about this course. How long it will take and how much?
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  • D asked: I've been doing interface design for sometime but continue to struggle with layouts. Would this course be appropriate? I assume that, based on the information listed, it can be started at anytime. Are the assignments mandatory and graded, or used more as teaching tools/ guides?
  • T asked: I am looking for a layout design course
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  • L asked: Can you give me information about this class. Is it a class for magazine layout design? How does one enroll and what are the requirements? How much does it cost?
  • asked: Can you give me information about this class. Is it a class for magazine layout design? How does one enroll and what are the requirements? How much does it cost?
  • R asked: I would like to know how much this course costs, when it starts, and how I can register. Thank you.
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Advanced Layout Design
Whether it's a magazine spread, a subway poster, or even a Web page, nothing connects or communicates like a great layout. Layout design, the art of what goes where on a page or editorial spread, is a creative challenge for any graphic designer. In this intensive 3-lesson course, you'll tackle advanced-level layout projects that push your design skills to the limit. You'll learn how to build strong foundations for your page design, explore creative applications for lines and shapes, and discover how to break the rules while maintaining the underlying structure of a page. Case studies will analyze carefully selected examples of layout designs considered to be classics of graphic print design. Course projects include a 4-page magazine spread, a book jacket design, and a calendar. This course is geared to intermediate/advanced graphic design students looking to stretch out and add distinctive print designs to their portfolios. Principles learned in this class can be applied to any layout design, from print to packaging, the Web, and beyond.
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Sessions College for Professional Design - Founded in 1997, Sessions College for Professional Design (www. sessions. edu) offers degree programs and professional certificate programs in the visual arts. The school mission is to prepare art and design professionals by providing the highest quality of online arts education. Students gain a thorough training in the technical, creative, and critical thinking skills required for a...
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