Advanced Typography


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Learn advanced concepts in typography including type fusion, information hierarchy, expressive type, and 3D type applications. Assignments include advertising, product packaging, civic branding, and currency design. The focus of the course is on improving your design by learning to see type differently.
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Advanced Typography
Typography, technology, and culture are intertwined. The letterform (in the right hands) has the power to communicate meaning and mood through its quirks and beauty, its history and diversity. In this 6-lesson course, you'll learn advanced concepts in typography, building your portfolio through hands-on projects. You'll experiment with type fusion, learn the details of text layout and information hierarchy, create a visual identity for product package and a civic authority, and even design your own currency. The focus of the course is on improving your design by learning to see type differently. But who knows, in time you may find yourself dreaming about typography
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Sessions College for Professional Design - Founded in 1997, Sessions College for Professional Design (www. sessions. edu) offers degree programs and professional certificate programs in the visual arts. The school mission is to prepare art and design professionals by providing the highest quality of online arts education. Students gain a thorough training in the technical, creative, and critical thinking skills required for a...
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