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Discover the principles of effective composition in print design and advertising. Composition, literally the assembly of elements, is the artful arrangement that guides the eye and unifies a design work. Case studies and hands-on projects address closed/open space, negative space, movement, and more.
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  • C asked: I'm currently learning CS and would like to shoot better photographs. I'm retired and have the time to learn and would like to put more effort into composition. Am currently reading MichaeL Freeman's "The Photographer's Eye". Any suggestions -- particularly training courses.
  • S asked: I am interested in studying design and composition at home using my computer. Please send me information regarding your program. I am interested in -D design, illustration, painting and the decorative arts. Thank you,
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Design and Composition
What makes any image work, in graphic design or digital photography? The answer is composition. Composition, literally the assembly or construction of elements, is the artful arrangement that guides the viewer's eye and unifies your work. In this 3-lesson hands-on course, you'll develop your compositional skills by analyzing everything from Grand Masters to Madison Avenue ads to tubes of toothpaste. Through a series of artistic workouts, you'll learn the principles of effective composition, building to a Final Project where you bring Mozart to the masses. Your designs may never be the same
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Sessions College for Professional Design - Founded in 1997, Sessions College for Professional Design (www. sessions. edu) offers degree programs and professional certificate programs in the visual arts. The school mission is to prepare art and design professionals by providing the highest quality of online arts education. Students gain a thorough training in the technical, creative, and critical thinking skills required for a...
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