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Love creating animations and sites in Flash and scripting basic interactive actions? Then you're ready to take Flash to the next level by learning programming with ActionScript.
Unlike basic scripting, programming with ActionScript allows you to create highly interactive and entertaining applications that can be infinitely modified. You can build fully-featured interactive games and other dynamic applications that put your users in the driver's seat.
In this advanced course, you'll learn the history and basics of computer programming and write high-level ActionScript code that dynamically places, moves, and alters the elements of a design onscreen.
In six lessons, you will build a classic video game step-by-step, learning key ActionScript programming skills and methods, while building up a code base that you can employ in any other personal and professional Flash applications. You'll learn how to create interfaces, and generate and control the game flow, all with ActionScript!
Tuition: $659 US
This is primarily online training
on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)This is an online eLearning or CBT training program
self directedThis is a self-directed course
study at homeThis course may be available for home-study
Course Level:introductory
Training Presented in:English
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  • A asked: sir, I want to learn flash actionscripting to make animations and website. I want to do in fast track. Please tell me duration and fee of this training. And also tell me if in lahore, Pakistan there is any institute or i have to take online classes. Thanks. Regards
  • T asked: can you please send me more information? Do I need to have strong knowledge in FLASH in order to understand the course?
  • B asked: i wann know all about flash. i am beginner
  • I asked: i want to larn flash actionscript programing
  • asked: I would like to learn : AS . . Do you have any classes ?
  • P asked: course structure? Course contents? Fees? Course duration? exam structure and certification?
  • S asked: What is the duration & what about fees?
  • N asked: hello how do i pay the tuition without a credit card. i am in cameroun now and am interested. thanks
  • asked: how wil u creat function(add)(mul) in same parameters, and sample action script basic coding
  • G asked: can i learn to make programes from this? can a yearold take this because im
  • asked: which version are you going to teach??
  • E asked: I would like more information on this class and how I can register. Thanks!
  • A asked: can we regiter game make by flash ?
  • W asked: can you tell me what is a code for quit button because i dont know about it.
flash actionscript programming
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