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Dolphin Trilogy Reiki Home Study

Spiritualism and Religion

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Experience the love and wisdom of the Dolphins and Orcas through Dolphin Trilogy Reiki. This system of natural healing calls upon the love and energy of our beloved Dolphin and Whale community to heal the mind and the spirit. It is especially effective in helping with emotional problems, addictions, depression, and those looking to remember their Sacred Song.

This energy can soothe any sadness the soul may be experiencing; by helping us release past trauma and forgive ourselves (and others). It also facilitates the finding of our own truths and speaking them clearly in a compassion way.

You may notice:

the more playful, loving side of yourself coming out

an overall sense of connectedness that was not present before.

remember your dreams more vividly

the Dolphin/Orca medicine is more readily available to you
This is primarily self-directed training
self directedThis is a self-directed course
study at homeThis course may be available for home-study
Course Level:introductory
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Spirits of NativeLIGHT & Spirit Journey Academy
Dolphin Trilogy Reiki Home Study
Dolphin Trilogy Reiki evolved from Dolphin Reiki, a Reiki based system created by Mark Scott to be used with individuals with mental retardation, autism, and depression. It is typically used in conjunction with Usui Reiki and other energy healing modalities but may be used as a stand alone system.

There are three levels to DTR each one having their own specific meditations, breathing techniques and symbol.

They are:

Dolphin Healing Reiki



DTR is wonderful for any emotional or mental issues or any feelings of separateness and lack of wholeness. It is wonderful for addiction, alcoholism, depression, acute sadness and primarily for forgiving ourselves and being the smiling, playful creatures we are meant to be so that we sing in joyful admiration!

Available only in Home Study -NO PREREQUISITE


3 attunements which convey the knowledge to share this system with others

extensive FREE manual covering all Energies of the system (all 3 parts) and their symbols, techniques for use, attunement processes and more in PDF format as well as a workbook which will need to be completed for certification. Manual and workbook are either emailed directly to you or available for download (depending on size of PDF manual) upon receipt of payment. Manual and workbook are available in English, or machine translated to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian

As with all classes unlimited lifetime support from Rev. Wendi for practitioners and teachers of this modality whether during training or beyond

Certification as a Dolphin Trilogy Reiki Healing Master including lineage with the ability to pass this modality on to others

Beautiful Certificate which is suitable for framing - printed on our high quality laser printer
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