Professional NLP Training & Certification Tonbridge 19-22 Sept & 3-5 Oct

Personal Growth and Self Help

Emma James NLP Training
This NLP Course is a certificated ABNLP approved training but geared towards those who want to use it for personal development, business & negotiation communication and therapy application. It is perfect for those wishing to become a therapist, use it for personal & business success and growth, overcoming problems, confidence, assertiveness and so much more.
Each class is kept to 10 people and you will get personal attention throughout the entire course to see that your goals are realised including one to one work with me.
A warm bond with like minded people is also the aim to give you a safe environment to make the changes you want right now in your life and create the future you want.
The NLP Practitioner Course I teach is only for those wishing to become a NLP Therapist or for thier own personal development in their private and professional life. The classes are small and emphasis is on personal attention.
Personally, I am a Master Practitioner & Trainer and also run a Therapy Clinic in Manchester where I specialise in eating disorders, anxiety and confidence issues so I am using these techniques on a daily basis.
The amazing thing about the NLP Practitioner Certification course is that so many people can use it for so much!
From a professional perspective, NLP Practitioner Certification is an incredibly effective therapy which can help many people.
Not only can you treat varying problems like phobias, low self esteem, weight issues, social issues, past trauma problems and many other issues but the entire approach to treatment compliments a number of other therapies as well.
The basis on Neuro Linguistic Programming is learning and understanding others through their communication and behavior. It opens up communication on every level and gives insight into how that other person thinks and how they view their world and what happens within it. Frequently this is significantly different to our own but then gives you a unique opportunity to be able to then help that person overcome their problem or change their behavior through various techniques you will learn on the course.
Not only can you change your own personal circumstances around, learn really effective communication & negotiation skills, clear all your emotional baggage which is holding you back, but you can also use the various techniques and thinking strategies to completely enhance your future success.
For all those details about what is covered in the course go to
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This is primarily ilt training
study at homeThis course may be available for home-study
group study and discussionThis class may involve group study
coursewareCourseware may be available for purchase
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in Manchester, Manchester, or at one of these training facilities: Bath, Somerset,
Course Level:basic through advanced
Duration:7 days
Training Presented in:English
Certificate Program Provided by Emma James NLP Training
  • L asked: I am Likely to visit united states, My stay willbe Three Months, Oct, Nov, Dec. I want to utilise this time for making NLP certification course Please drtials like place, duration, fees and eligibility and other requirements. Please write detailed route from California to your place. Thanks
  • L asked: I am Likely to visit united states, My stay willbe Three Months, Oct, Nov, Dec. I want to utilise this time for making NLP certification course Please drtials like place, duration, fees and eligibility and other requirements. Thanks
  • W asked: please could you send me any information you have about course on Eating disorders c/ o School Princethorpe Way Coventry CV QD Thank you
  • B asked: hi there , I would like to have more info on your course in nlp for sport , costs , is there a master prc and what dose the course cover ? if poss could i talk over the course with some one as well. my mob is with thanks barry durston
Professional NLP Training & Certification Tonbridge 19-22 Sept & 3-5 Oct
There are very few people who could give up 20 days to come on a course. So, we have sectioned this off so that you do your theory learning by instruction manual and comprehensive CD set and then 7 days of practical application.
Prior to coming on the course there will be a written test and then you will be graded on the use and application of the techniques throughout the 7 days.
In addition to being Certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner in a training certified and approved by the ABNLP (probably the largest NLP organisation in the world and one of the oldest) , you will also study subjects and techniques far beyond the minimum standards laid down by the ABNLP for a Practitioner Training.
We aim for you to leave the course as not only Practitioners of NLP but EXCELLENT practitioners of NLP to provide your clients with the best therapy available and also offer support after your training as well for any support or questions that need answered.
For further details for the course please go to
About The Training Provider: Emma James NLP Training
Emma James NLP Training - Professional NLP Practitioner Certification Training Institute specialising in training course for therapy and sport application. Specific Practitioner courses taught by ABNLP Trainer who is also a leading therapist in trauma, eating related disorders and three times World Champion. She also runs a successful clinic in Manchester and teaches a heavy therapy bias on her courses showing you how...
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