Financial Derivatives Part I

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* In living life, the secret of the How's is actually in the Why's!
* History is actually an important subject. Knowing history well tells us why we are here today. Knowing history really well can sometimes even tell us where we are heading into the future!
* Have a good understanding of the Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate markets, and the main Treasury products available in these markets, including Derivative instruments.
* Acquire a clear understanding of Financial Derivatives through focusing on the essential Mathematical Concepts that form the building blocks of these instruments.
* Master the dynamics of Financial Derivatives as part of an extended toolbox of Financial Risk Management, which will in turn increase optimality in hedging strategies.
* Have an understanding of how knowledge in Derivatives in the Foreign Exchange markets can also be extended to include Equity and Commodity market derivative instruments.
* Have a hands-on opportunity to build Yield Curves - the backbone of most financial derivative products.
* First-hand usage of The PERMIT ® Treasury & Financial Risk Management System and practical experience on structuring and pricing Financial Derivatives
Seminar Facilitator(s):
Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim
Ph. D., C. Sci., C. Math., FIMA, FRM, PRM, B. Fel.
This is primarily ilt training
workshop / seminarThis is a workshop seminar
computer labComputer Lab Work
group study and discussionThis class may involve group study
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in Singapore, Singapore, or at one of these training facilities: Singapore, Singapore,
Course Level:introductory
Duration:4 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by PI ETA Consulting Company

Financial Derivatives Part I Seminar Schedule

January, 2018
23rd Jan   Concorde Hotel, Singapore (Orchard Road)   [Register]
July, 2018
17th Jul   Concorde Hotel, Singapore (Orchard Road)   [Register]
Financial Derivatives Part I
Comments from past participants:
"The seminar clearly provides for an in-depth and multifaceted view of options, swaps etc. This seminar, if attended by treasurers and bankers, is able to significantly improve risk awareness and risk hedging in Singapore."
Mr. Hans-Juergen Schnell, DaimlerChrysler Treasury Center Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore.
Class of February 2001
"Most people think that dealing with derivatives is synonymous to complex mathematical formulas and equations but Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim was able to present the derivatives concept in a simple way by always going back to basics."
Mr. Bambang Eko K. Joewono, Bank Niaga, Indonesia.
Class of February 2004
"Dr. Jeffrey Lim conducted the Financial Derivatives seminar with lots of brainstorming exercises and excitement. It
has been my best experience in attending it. I would highly recommend any financial personnel who has no knowledge of
the basic fundamentals of financial derivative products to experience the path and challenges that Dr. Jeffrey Lim has set to mould and guide attendees through the subject "
Ms. Pauline Low Mui Ping, United Overseas Bank, Singapore.
Class of February 2004
"Jeff has been a good facilitator. From my personal point of view, this seminar was a very good refresher course. He has put across the issues in such a way that we are able to view them from different perspectives. This is in addition to his interesting presentation delivery technique."
Ms. Tan Chye Yuan, Natexis Banques Populaires, Singapore.
Class of July 2004
"Good course. Interesting and beneficial "
Mr. Jeffrey Sim Heng Lai, O. C. B. C. Bank, Singapore.
Class of July 2004
"I would recommend this seminar It s useful, interesting and combines both theoretical and practical aspects. Really
enjoyed the seminar Very good facilitator Didn t fall asleep I feel very positive towards this seminar "
Ms. Christine Lim Ai Lian, O. C. B. C. Bank, Singapore.
Class of July 2004
"Dr. Jeffrey Lim offers good and useful advice through the seminar. I would recommend such seminars to others as we
do not have much of such seminars in Jakarta."
Mr. Suriyanto Chang, Permata Bank, Indonesia.
Class of July 2004
"The Financial Derivatives Seminar was enjoyable and very enlightening as we learnt how the formulae were derived.
Also, the presentation was a real brain-teaser."
Mr. Irwan Hendroyono, Bank Panin, Indonesia.
Class of February 2005
"Interesting seminar Dr. Jeffrey has an amazing way of presenting complex financial theory in a simple and practical
Mr. Eddy Kusnadi, O. C. B. C Bank, Singapore.
Class of February 2005
"Jeff shows us the real world of finance and the banking system from an angle that I ve never seen before. I got a deep understanding on financial derivatives explained in the simplest way."
Ms. Ester Chandra, Bank Panin, Indonesia.
Class of February 2005
"Dr. Jeffrey has shown me a new approach and perspective in dealing with derivative instruments. His methods are powerful as they involve a very detailed analysis approach whereby he covers the intrinsic details of each of the specific instruments, not just skimming the surface."
Mr. Izz Al-din Maslan, Capital Investment Bank (L) Ltd, Malaysia.
Class of July 2005
"The seminar is interesting and Jeff explains the subject in a most simplified manner "
Ms. Deslina Siagian, PT Bank Sumitomo Mitsui, Indonesia.
Class of July 2005
"It s a great seminar for auditors and dealers "
Ms. Leeanne Leong, United Overseas Bank Group, Singapore.
Class of July 2005
"A wonderful, exciting, and insightful seminar delivered by a lively and humourous facilitator, Dr. Jeff Lim."
Mr. Tan Kheng Feung, O. C. B. C. Bank, Singapore.
Class of January 2006
"The PFD01 seminar is certainly beneficial to anyone who is involved in the financial markets. Dr. Jeffrey Lim combined interesting theoretical aspects with hands on exercises during the 3 days seminar. His presentation is unique with practical examples drawn from his vast experience. One of the best facilitators I have ever com across."
Mr. Steed Koh Wei Teck, O. C. B. C. Bank, Singapore.
Class of January 2006
"Jeff provided different perspectives to viewing and understanding derivatives."
Ms. Fabian Siew Mun Fei, The Bank Of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd, Singapore.
Class of July 2006
"This is a great seminar. I would recommend such seminars to others "
Mr. Priyo Basuki, PT. Bank Ekspor Indonesia, Indonesia.
Class of July 2007
"Excellent teaching, practical, interesting and challenging. Provides refreshing perspectives of derivatives and beyond "
Ms. Phua Tan Hong, United Overseas Bank, Singapore.
Class of July 2008
"Jeff has made the Financial Derivatives topics very interesting. He has made the topics very easy to understand by
demonstrating with practical examples. I will encourage my team members to attend the seminar."
Ms. Serene Ong, SG Asset Management (Singapore) Ltd, Singapore.
Class of February 2010
"Dr. Jeffrey conducted the seminar in a very interesting way. He gave me a very much clearer picture of the derivatives market and I would recommend this seminar to dealers and even fund managers. I really enjoyed the 3-day seminar."
Mr. Solomon Poh, SG Asset Management (Singapore) Ltd, Singapore.
Class of February 2010
"This seminar is great I can understand it, even though I have no math background. I've always had the feeling that
math is fun, and now I know I'm right "
Ms. Fita Anggraini, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd, Indonesia.
Class of June 2010
"The Financial Derivatives Part I seminar is exceptionally insightful to the world of trading and the global markets. Internalising technical aspects of the course was so easy "
Mr. JJ Poh Jin Kiat, Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Limited, Singapore.
Class of December 2010
"By attending this seminar, I believe you can see Yield Curves so clearly and options so interesting."
Mrs. Raden Widawati, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Jakarta, Indonesia.
Class of January 2011
Seminar Background
The recent Asian economic upheavals have given rise to enhanced emphasis on financial risk management by both financial institutions and corporations. One of the essential tools in financial risk management is the application of financial derivative(s) to hedge against interest rate fluctuations and foreign currency exchange exposures to minimize losses. With the recent liberalization of the financial markets and the availability of more exotic financial derivatives in the market, it is critical that management concerned fully understands the dynamic of financial derivatives and has the expertise to apply them in practice to minimize market risk.
Seminar Content
* Historical Background
* Essential Mathematical Concepts
- Time Value of Money
- Concept of Fair Value & Option Premium
- Introduction to Term Structures
- Building Yield Curves
* Interest Rate Derivatives Instruments and their Application
- Types of Interest Rate Derivatives
- Valuation of Interest Rate Derivatives
- Sensitivity Analysis
* Currency Derivatives Instruments and their Applications
- Types of Currency Derivatives
- Pricing of Options
# Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model
# Binomial Option Pricing Model
# Put-Call Parity
# Volatility Determination
# The Volatility Smile Curve
- Time Value of Option
- Sensitivity Analysis
* Extensions of the above notions to Equity and Commodity Derivatives
* Hands On Session
- Hands-on pricing and structuring using The PERMIT Treasury & Financial Risk Management System
Benefits of Attendance
Participants will gain a better understanding of financial derivative products through building Yield Curves - the backbone of financial derivative products. With this knowledge, they will then be in a better position to apply the relevant financial derivative products in managing interest rate/ foreign exchange/ equity/ commodity risk exposures for their respective organizations.
Who should attend?
Senior Management, Risk Management Personnel, Treasury Personnel, Operations and Settlements Personnel, Finance Personnel, Internal and External Auditors.
About The Training Provider: PI ETA Consulting Company
PI ETA Consulting Company - "Risk Management in any organization is everyone's business, not just the CEO, CFO and the CRO's " - Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim Ph. D., C. Sci., C. Math., FIMA, FRM, PRM, B. Fel. PI ETA Consulting Company is a Treasury and Risk Management Consulting Company * Back-to-basics Seminars * Consulting Services * In-house Software Systems
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