Accounting Fundamentals

Accounting and Finance

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* Understand key accounting concepts used in preparing financial statements.
* Understand how is value recorded.
* Gain an Insight into the structure of an annual report.
* Discussion on various components of the annual report.
* Understand how valuation affects profitability.
* Comprehend the difference between Profit vs. cash flow.
Seminar Facilitator(s):
Mr. Adam K. K. Wong
B. Acc, FCPA, Certified Professional Trainer
This is primarily ilt training
workshop / seminarThis is a workshop seminar
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in Singapore, Singapore, or at one of these training facilities: Singapore, Singapore,
Course Level:introductory
Duration:1 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by PI ETA Consulting Company
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Accounting Fundamentals Seminar Schedule

January, 2018
15th Jan   Concorde Hotel, Singapore (Orchard Road)   [Register]
July, 2018
9th Jul   Concorde Hotel, Singapore (Orchard Road)   [Register]
Accounting Fundamentals
Comment from past participant:
"The seminar was useful in giving an overview of the accounting concepts."
Ms. Yuan Hui Yee Genevieve, Calyon Singapore Branch, Singapore.
Class of September 2009
"The Accounting Fundamentals seminar was fun and informative for a layman even though it was just only a 1-day seminar."
Ms. Elaine Wee, SG Asset Management (S) Ltd, Singapore.
Class of March 2010
"The Accounting concepts that were shared in the seminar are very useful and applicable in my daily work."
Mr. Gary Liaw Szu Kang, Hong Leong Finance Limited, Singapore.
Class of March 2010
"I found the Accounting Fundamentals seminar to be an eye opener. As an example, I learnt that when an expense is
being treated under sales expense versus capital expense it would result in a completely different set of books. The simpleillustrations and explanations made it easy to understand."
Ms. Alice Low, Individual, Singapore.
Class of July 2010
"The Accounting Fundamentals seminar provided me with the wider perspective on how bankers evaluate the financial performance and health of a company, in terms of funding. From another view as an investor, I can also use the knowledge gained to study a listed company's financial ratios before investing in them. Last but not least, it also provided me another tool for decision making as an entrepreneur. Well done "
Mr. Vincent Ow-yeong, Icontek & Marketing, Singapore.
Class of July 2010
"I found the Accounting Fundamentals seminar very interesting "
Ms. Ng Qi, Individual, Singapore.
Class of September 2010
Seminar Background
An in-depth introduction to accounting concepts. Accounting practices and financial statements are discussed in detail. Real-life applications are reviewed through practical examples.
Seminar Content
* Introduction
- Types of Financial Statements
- Users of Financial Statements
* Key Accounting Concepts
- Entity
- Monetary Measure
- Going Concern
- Accounting Period
* Accounting for Value
- Going Concern Value
- Market Value
- Historical Value
* Structure for the Annual Report
- Management Statement
- Post Reporting Events
- Auditor s Report
* Organisation and Contents of a Balance Sheet
- Assets and Their Measurement
# Nature of Assets
# Asset vs. Expenses
- Analysis of Current Assets
# Nature of Current Assets
# Significance of Inventory and Receivables
# Factors Influencing the Level of Working Capital Requirement
# Inventory Valuation
Cost or Market
Cost Flow Assumptions and Its Impact on the Profit and Loss
- Analysis of Long Term Assets
# Nature of Long Term Assets
# Valuation Methods
# Impairment of Fixed Asset Value
# Impact on Net Worth
# Depreciation
Concepts of Depreciation
Objectives of Depreciation Charge
Charging Concepts
Depreciation Methods
- Analysis of Intangibles
# Nature of Intangibles
# Valuation Issues
# Amortisation
# A Deeper Look at:
Research & Development
- Liabilities and Their Measurement
# Nature of Liabilities
# Characteristics of Liabilities
# Short Term vs. Long Term Liabilities
# Contingent Liabilities
# Valuation of Liabilities
# Early Extinguishment of Debt
- Net Worth
# Composition of Equity
# Impact of Asset Valuation on Equity
* Organisation and Contents of the Profit & Loss Statement
- Impact of Income Measurement due to:
# Revenue Recognition Methods
Nature of Revenue
What should be Included in Revenue
Operating vs. Non-operating
Recurring vs. Non-recurring Income
Timing of Revenue Recognition
- Cost Concepts - How It Impact the Financial Results
# Distinction between Expense and Expenditure
# What should be Included in Expenses
# Why Capitalise Expenditure
# Measurement
# Timing
- Inventory Cost and Its Impact on Profitability
# Identified or Actual Cost
# Weighted Average
* Concept of Profit
- Matching Concept
- Cash Flow vs. Profit
* Limitation of Financial Statements
Benefits of Attendance
Upon completion of this programme, participants will:
* Learn various key components of the financial statements and understand what they tell the reader
* Understand key accounting concepts and how they impact financial reporting
* Be aware of the basic economic events most common in business operations and understand how they would be shown in published financial statements
* Understand the accrual method of accounting and double entry in preparing financial statements
Who should attend?
Financial managers, senior managers with no accounting knowledge, research analysts, credit and financial analysts, portfolio managers, credit officers, corporate bankers, commercial bankers, risk managers and analysts.
About The Training Provider: PI ETA Consulting Company
PI ETA Consulting Company - "Risk Management in any organization is everyone's business, not just the CEO, CFO and the CRO's " - Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim Ph. D., C. Sci., C. Math., FIMA, FRM, PRM, B. Fel. PI ETA Consulting Company is a Treasury and Risk Management Consulting Company * Back-to-basics Seminars * Consulting Services * In-house Software Systems
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