Structuring Optimal Banking Lines

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* In depth discussion of key corporate banking products.
- Loans
- Trade finance
- Debt capital market
- Cash management
- Treasury
* Understand componenta ™s of the working capital cycle.
* Determining a companya ™s working capital requirement.
* Identify a companya ™s funding gap.
* Structure appropriate banking facilities to meet the funding gap and minimise lending risks.
* Determine the borrowers ability to service its loan commitments.
* Determine appropriate pricing.
Seminar Facilitator(s):
Mr. Adam K. K. Wong
B. Acc, FCPA, Certified Professional Trainer
Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim
Ph. D., C. Sci., C. Math., FIMA, FRM, PRM, B. Fel
This is primarily ilt training
workshop / seminarThis is a workshop seminar
group study and discussionThis class may involve group study
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in Singapore, Singapore, or at one of these training facilities: Singapore, Singapore,
Course Level:intermediate
Duration:4 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by PI ETA Consulting Company
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Structuring Optimal Banking Lines Seminar Schedule

March, 2017
27th Mar   Concorde Hotel, Singapore (Orchard Road)   [Register]
June, 2017
19th Jun   Concorde Hotel, Singapore (Orchard Road)   [Register]
Structuring Optimal Banking Lines
Comments from past participants:
"The seminar was informative, effective and very practical. Since the learning group was small, we had the opportunity to discuss local practices, practical issues, and strategies to resolve issues on a one-to-one basis, which I felt was an integral part of the learning process."
Ms. Ronali Kumarasinha, NDB Bank, Sri Lanka.
Class of June 2007
"We gathered a lot of knowledge on the subject which are certainly applicable on the job. Facilitators were very helpful and thorough with the topics they discussed. This program is very useful to bankers who are involved in structuring facilities for corporate clients, especially working capital related products. Thank you Jeff & Adam for facilitating the above program."
Ms. Rasika Sandamali, NDB Bank, Sri Lanka.
Class of June 2007
"The seminar provided a deep insight and an interesting approach to the overview of different products, usage of banking lines and current market updates."
Ms. Marilyn Chua, Royal Bank of Scotland, Singapore.
Class of June 2007
"Very engaging and informative seminar."
Mr. Lim Tze Peng, ING Bank N. V., Singapore.
Class of April 2009
"The material and presentation were fantastic. The presentation and depth of knowledge, pace, were insightful and
informative. Thank you "
Mr. Teoh Beng Teik Alexander, DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore.
Class of June 2009
"The facilitators had the ability to link practical scenarios to the course material."
Ms. Vivien Ho Soo Leng, HVB Singapore Branch, Singapore.
Class of September 2009
"I enjoyed this seminar very much. Very experienced and good facilitators They are able to address our concerns very well."
Ms. Jasmine Aw, RZB Austria, Singapore Branch, Singapore.
Class of April 2010
Seminar Background
This programme provides an in-depth coverage of key corporate banking products including syndicated loans, cash management, trade finance and treasury products. In today s competitive banking environment, it is imperative that a bank provides the necessary solution to meet the customer s needs. This programme will provide participants with in-depth knowledge about Loans, Trade finance, Debt capital market, Cash management, and Treasury products. Practical hands on case studies will guide participants on structuring banking lines that will meet the customer s requirements while reducing the bank s risks at the same time.
Seminar Content
* Structure and Workings of Key Corporate Banking Products
- Loans
# Characteristics of Different Types of Financing
Asset Conversion Financing
Asset Protection Financing
Asset Based Financing
Cash Flow Financing
Project Financing
# Loan Types
Term Loan
Short Term Revolving Facilities
# Interest Rate Framework
Types of Interest Rates
Interest Rate Basis
Cost of Funding
Components of Pricing
Concepts of Pricing
# Fees
# Type of Commitment
# Syndicated Facilities
Overview of the Loan Syndication Market
Major Syndication Markets
Discussion on the Various Aspects of the Term Sheet
Types of Commitment to the Borrower
Types of Fees Payable / Market Practice
Cost Analysis for the Borrower
Introduction to the Principal Phases
The Syndication Time Schedule
Content of a Typical Info Memo
Preparing for the Loan Signing Ceremony
- International Trade Finance
# Impact of INCOTERMS 2000 on the Movement of Goods, the
Responsibilities of Both Buyer and Seller
# Key Trade Documentation
# Methods of Payments and the Risk for the Various Parties
# Documentary Collection
Parties of a Documentary Collection Transaction
Features of a Documentary Collection
- Discussion on Various Types of Letters of Credit
Risk Factors when Issuing Letters of Credit
Sight /Term LCs
Confirmed LC
Transferable LCs
Back to Back LCs
Revolving LCs
Red Clause LCs
Green Clause LCs
- Bonds and Guarantees
Bid / Tender Bonds
Performance Bonds
Advance Payment Bonds
Retention Bonds
Maintenance / Warranty Bonds
Customs Bonds
Shipping Guarantees
- Cash Management
# Understanding the Needs of Corporate Treasurers
# Review of Various Cash Management Models Adopted by MNCs
# Cash Management Solutions
Liquidity Management Solutions
Payment Solutions
Types of Local Payments
Types of International Payments
Payment Systems
Collection Solutions
Types of Local Collection
Types of Cross Border Collection
Collection Systems
# Delivery Platforms
- Treasury
# Derivatives Securities
FX Options
Currency Swaps
Interest Rate Swaps
Interest Rate Collars
# Credit Derivatives
Total Return Swap
Credit Default Swap
Credit Linked Notes
* Determining the Credit Facility Structure
- Why It Is Important
- How Improper Structuring of Credit Lines Can Cause Problems for the Borrower and the Lender
* Understanding the Components of a Company s Working Capital Cycle
- Key Drivers of Cash Needs and Its Impact on a Company
* Determining the Financing Gap
- Understanding Short and Long Term Needs
- Tenor Matching and Its Implications
- Determining a Company s Working Capital Requirement
# Cash Tied Up in Inventories
# Cash Tied in Receivables
# Amount of Spontaneous Financing Available
* Structuring Short Term Credit Lines
- Structuring Import Lines
- Structuring Export Lines
- Structuring General Working Capital Lines
- Structuring FX Lines
- Risks in Structuring Trade Lines with Sub Limits
- Risks of Omnibus Lines
* Determining and Dealing with Permanent Working Capital Requirements
- Determining the Level of Permanent Working Capital Financing
- Appropriate Financing Instruments
* Structuring Long Term Credit Lines
- Roles of Banks in Tem Lending
- Evaluating Cash Flows to Determine Debt Service
# Source of Repayment
# Debt Service Ratio
# Loan Quantum
# Loan Tenor
- Repayment Structures
- Balance between Debt and Equity
* Difference between Debt Capacity and Debt Services
Benefits of Attendance
Upon completion of this programme, participants will:
* Have an in-depth understanding of key corporate banking products including Loans, Trade finance, Debt capital market, Cash management, and Treasury products
* Learn how to determine customer s funding needs
* Be able to structure appropriate banking limits to meet the customer s needs and mitigate lending risks
* Learn various repayment structures and determine the appropriateness and adequacy of collateral
* Apply various pricing mechanism in the loan package
Who should attend?
Credit and financial analysts, portfolio managers, credit officers, corporate bankers, commercial bankers, risk managers and analysts.
About The Training Provider: PI ETA Consulting Company
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