Advanced Credit Management

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* Understand the constraints and risks of business growth.
* Learn key issues in Loan Management.
* Be acquainted with the design and use financial dashboards to monitor your business.
* Gain knowledge of the key concepts in setting up an Early Warning System.
* Know how to conduct loan reviews.
* Grasp the key principles of Loan Portfolio Management.
* Use stress test to uncover risks in your loan portfolio.
* Find out the key responsibilities of Account Managers in loan management.
* Loans
- Different ways to analyse loan delinquencies
Seminar Facilitator(s):
Mr. Adam K. K. Wong
B. Acc, FCPA, Certified Professional Trainer
This is primarily ilt training
workshop / seminarThis is a workshop seminar
group study and discussionThis class may involve group study
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in Singapore, Singapore, or at one of these training facilities: Singapore, Singapore,
Course Level:intermediate
Duration:2 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by PI ETA Consulting Company

Advanced Credit Management Seminar Schedule

April, 2017
12th Apr   Concorde Hotel, Singapore (Orchard Road)   [Register]
Advanced Credit Management
Comments from past participants:
"The Advanced Credit Management seminar was interesting and Adam is the right person to deliver the training material. Thanks to Adam for sharing his invaluable knowledge and experiences at the seminar."
Mr. Tan Tesien Tanudjaja, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk., Indonesia.
Class of May 2008
"The topics are covered to a good extent. The seminar is useful to broaden the scope of understanding."
Mr. Kang Zhiyuan, Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited, Singapore.
Class of November 2009
"The material is very detailed and applicable for credit analyst. I also very appreciate Adam sharing with me his
knowledge in credit process that I believe I can use it in my daily job."
Mr. Freddy Iman, PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk., Indonesia.
Class of August 2010
Seminar Background
This programme will provide experienced lenders with the necessary skills to increase the profitability of their loan portfolio by mitigating the potential risks.
Seminar Content
* Overview
- Concepts of Credit Risks
- Key Considerations For Business Growth
# Business Strategy Analysis Models
Porter s Five Forces
PESTLE Analysis
BCG Matrix
# Working Capital Analysis
# Sustainable Growth Rate Analysis
# Debt Capacity Analysis
* Loan Management
- Pre and Post disbursement risks
- Types of Risks Controls
- Loan Management
# Objectives
# Components
# Strategy
- Use of Dash boards
# Uses of financial dash board
# Considerations for implementation
- Setting Up an Early Warning System
# Sources of Information
# Early Warning Signs
# Possible conclusions
- Overtrading
# What is overtrading
# Signs of overtrading
# Managing the overtrading situation
- Predicting Corporate Distress
# Application of statistical models
# Comparison of models
- Dealing With Problem Loans
# Comparison of models
# Nature of problems
# Immediate action drill
# Components of a restructuring plan
- Secondary Controls - Loan review
# Objective of Loan review
# Areas of review
# lassification
# Ratings
* Portfolio Management
- Objectives of Portfolio Management
- Identifying Portfolio Risks Associated With Lending
# Credit Risks
# Interest Rate Risks
# Liquidity Risks
# Price Risks
# FX Risks
# Transaction Risks
# Compliance Risks
# Strategic Risks
# Reputation Risks
# Loan portfolio objectives
# Credit culture
- Principles of Portfolio Management
# Oversight
# Risk Identification
# Exceptions to Policy, Procedures, and Underwriting Guidelines
# Documentation Exceptions
# Policy and Underwriting Exceptions
# Aggregate Exception Tracking and Reporting
# Portfolio Segmentation and Risk Diversification
# Identifying Concentrations of Risk
# Evaluating and Managing Concentrations of Risk
# Concentration Management Techniques
- Analysing Loan Delinquencies
# Coincident v. s. lagged delinquencies
# Using net flow analysis
# Vintage analysis for loan acquisition
- Stress Testing
# Uses of stress test
# Scenario testing
# Sensitivity testing
Benefits of Attendance
This programme will provide experienced lenders with the necessary skills to increase the profitability of their loan portfolio by mitigating the potential risks.
Who should attend?
* Senior relationship managers
* Team leaders
* Marketing staff
* Senior credit analyst
* Senior credit approvers
About The Training Provider: PI ETA Consulting Company
PI ETA Consulting Company - "Risk Management in any organization is everyone's business, not just the CEO, CFO and the CRO's " - Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim Ph. D., C. Sci., C. Math., FIMA, FRM, PRM, B. Fel. PI ETA Consulting Company is a Treasury and Risk Management Consulting Company * Back-to-basics Seminars * Consulting Services * In-house Software Systems
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