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"I believe that I learned more in this program than I did in my entire three years of graduate school. I now have the confidence and tools to start my own practice. I also have the ability to make my dreams come true."
Rebecca Norris, Therapist
* Get the credentials to boost your practice or professional career
* Increase your effectiveness by weaving hypnotic suggestions into your practice
* Learn the power of metaphor and language
* NLP Practitioner Certification is a required pre-requisite
Master your future both personally and professionally with the awesome power of the unconscious mind. Learn the creative application of NLP, while utilizing various levels of hypnosis to quickly and efficiently guide clients to their desired outcomes. You will learn the foundation of language and how to design your own patterns.
A very large amount of current NLP practice is based upon the work of Milton Erickson, a hypnotist and psychiatrist. NLP co-developer Richard Bandler also utilizes hypnosis in all his courses and seminars. If you want to be as effective as the NLP masters, this is the course for you.
Since this program centers on hypnosis and conversational therapeutic techniques, it is particularly effective for NLP Practitioners, therapists, educators, and anyone seeking personal development, relationship improvement, or career change. This course is a great addition to the practice of anyone already in health-care, bodywork, counseling, or coaching professions.
After successful completion of this program, you will receive a signed certificate from Richard Bandler, stating you are certified as an NLP Master Practitioner. Your tuition includes this prestigious certification. In addition, you will receive certification in hypnotherapy, with the designation of CHt. And since you may not live next door to a fabulous NLP training institution, we offer you a Retreat Format, where you can learn NLP on an edu-vacation to one of our favorite destinations. Please join us
"I felt the course was easy to learn. The more I just let the instructor lead and unfold the experience, the easier it was to learn and recall the material learned. Janis s teaching technique was clear, easy to understand and incorporate, and just a lot of fun."
Diana Ngo, Holistic Pracitioner
This is primarily ilt training
group study and discussionThis class may involve group study
DVDThis video may be available on DVD
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in San Francisco, CA, or at one of these training facilities: Boca Raton, FL,
Course Level:advanced
Duration:6 days
Training Presented in:English
Certificate Program Provided by Lightwork Seminars, Intl
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NLP Master Practitioner Training
Day 1 - Fundamentals of Ericksonian Hypnosis
Learn the basics of rapport inductions, deepening, and testing depth of trance. Dispel the myths surrounding the practice of hypnosis. We'll practice several induction methods to give you the ability to easily hypnotize nearly everyone.
Day 2 - The Art of Suggestion
Find out the secrets behind powerful hypnotic suggestion, which makes the practice of hypnosis true hypnotherapy. Learn how to structure your words for maximum impact and results.
Day 3 - Ericksonian Language, Metaphors, and Stories
Learn the techniques that made Dr. Erickson famous We'll cover the persuasive use of language and the art of therapeutic storytelling. You'll also learn the secrets that NLP Masters, such as Dr. Bandler and John Grinder, have utilized so effectively in the past 3 decades.
Day 4 - Regression Fundamentals
Discover the power of regression therapies, which allow us to release problem patterns rooted in the past. Change limiting beliefs into powerful direction for the future. We'll also delve into Past Life Regression, giving you another skill to assist others in making positive changes.
Day 5 - Advanced NLP Language Patterns
Today we'll discover how specific words affect our individual responses, known as Meta Programs, which can be used to generate more powerful change. We'll also address how to use language to shift beliefs, through Sleight of Mouth Patterns.
Day 6 - Modeling
On this integration day, we'll put all of our learning together with the art of Modeling. Every Master Practitioner of NLP knows how to effectively model excellence. We'll end the day with a fun and exciting final exam, modeling amazing NLP Masters.
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