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* Be aware of the salient points in the Housing Developers (Project Account) Rules.
* Understand the various types of land in Singapore.
* Understand the key stages involved in the development of a project.
* Know the typical schedule of progress payments, deferred payment scheme and other valuations.
* Be aware of all the various project risks.
* Know how to ensure a thorough financial analysis is carried out.
* Know the other factors to consider in analyzing the credit.
* Know the standard terms and conditions.
* Understanding the typical bank facilities required by developers.
* Be aware of the various types of mortgages offered.
Seminar Facilitator(s):
Mr. Andrew K. T. Goh, B. Econ.
This is primarily ilt training
workshop / seminarThis is a workshop seminar
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in Singapore, Singapore, or at one of these training facilities: Singapore, Singapore,
Course Level:introductory
Duration:2 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by PI ETA Consulting Company
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Real Estate Financing Seminar Schedule

March, 2017
23rd Mar   Concorde Hotel, Singapore (Orchard Road)   [Register]
Real Estate Financing
Comments from past participants:
"Andrew Goh is knowledgeable and it was my pleasure to be able to learn from an experienced banker "
Mr. Lee Say Koon David, RZB-Austria, Singapore.
Class of March 2008
"Good interaction between facilitator and participants and as a result, we had a lively discussion. Very practical "
Mdm. See Beng Hoon, Singapura Finance Ltd, Singapore.
Class of April 2010
"This is really a very good seminar. The whole seminar was interactive. Andrew shared his long experience with enthusiasm. We enjoyed it very much."
Mr. Md. Abdul Quayum Khan, The City Bank Limited, Bangladesh.
Class of November 2010
"The seminar is relatively comprehensive in providing a good understanding of the real estate financing market in Singapore especially for those without/ with some real estate background. Good sharing of practical experience/ knowledge in corporate lending."
Ms. Chwee Shook Mun, Valenie, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd, Singapore.
Class of March 2011
Seminar Background
An intensive program covering Real Estate Financing. In particular, participants will be familiarized with the various types of land used, the key stages involved in the development of a project, and the typical schedule in progress payments made. Furthermore, a discussion on the risks involved in financing such projects, the financial analysis that should be carried out and the standard terms and conditions used will be included. Knowledge of the Housing Developers (Project Account) Rules is required.
Real estate financing is a specialized form of lending. Officers need to be specifically trained so as to ensure they know all the factors to be considered and that all risks are adequately analysed. The terms and conditions involved are quite different from a typical loan that is extended and adequate care should be taken to ensure these are incorporated.
Seminar Content
* Key Features of the Housing Developers (Project Account) Rules
- Application of moneys in a Project Account
- Release of moneys from the Project Account
- Withdrawal of moneys in Project Account after grant of TOP and upon project completion.
- Withdrawal of surplus moneys in Project Account when there is no subsisting mortgage
- Other Conditions
* Why are the Rules important?
* Types of Land in Singapore
- State Land
- Freehold Land
- Leasehold Land
# URA Land
# JTC Land
* Key Stages of Development of Project
- Developer and Architect prepare preliminary/ detailed development plan for submission to Building and Construction Authority ('BCA')
- Application for Developer s License made to Controller of Housing ('CH')
- Sale of development can commence once CH s approval obtained
- Building contract signed
- Contractor submits claims for work done to Architect for certification
- Contractor completes building and Architect issues certificate of Practical Completion
- BCA issues Temporary Occupation Permit
- BCA issues Certificate of Statutory Completion
* Typical Schedule of Progress Payments (Standard Payment Scheme)/Deferred Payment Scheme/ Other Variations
* Project Risks
- Marketability/ Market Conditions
- Location
- Completion
- Cost Overrun
- Interest Rate
* Project Analysis
- Percentage advance on Land Loan and Construction Loan
- Total Site Area, Plot Ratio, Gross Floor Area, Net Floor Area
- Breakeven Analysis for Borrower and Bank versus market price
- Security including mortgage on the property financed, legal assignment of sales proceeds and tenancy agreements, contractor s all risk policy, assignment of building contracts drawings etc and assignment of project account
- Undertaking to launch project by 'x' date, commence construction by 'x' date and obtain TOP by 'x' date
- Undertaking not to sell below a certain price on a per square foot basis
* Other Factors to consider in Analyzing the Credit
* Standard Terms and Conditions
* Typical Bank Facilities required by Developers
- Bridge Loan
- Land Loan
- Construction Loan
- Conversion of a Construction Loan to an Investment Loan
* Types of Mortgages Offered
- Legal Mortgage
- Equitable Mortgage
- Simple deposit of Title Deeds
- Difference between Registered Land and Unregistered Land
* Key Factors to consider in financing properties for investment purposes
* Key Risks to consider in financing properties for investment purposes
Benefits of Attendance
Upon completion of this program, participants will:
* Learn the Housing Developers (Project Account) Rules that govern such financing
* Be aware of the various types of land in Singapore
* Be familiar with the key stages of development of a project
* Know the typical schedule of progress payments, deferred payment scheme and other variations
* Ensure that all risks are covered and a thorough financial analysis carried out
* Be aware of other factors to consider in analyzing the credit
* Know the standard terms and conditions
* Be aware of the typical bank facilities required and the types of mortgages offered
* Know the key factors and risks to consider in financing investment properties
Who should attend?
Credit and financial analysts, portfolio managers, credit officers, corporate bankers, commercial bankers, risk managers and analysts.
About The Training Provider: PI ETA Consulting Company
PI ETA Consulting Company - "Risk Management in any organization is everyone's business, not just the CEO, CFO and the CRO's " - Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim Ph. D., C. Sci., C. Math., FIMA, FRM, PRM, B. Fel. PI ETA Consulting Company is a Treasury and Risk Management Consulting Company * Back-to-basics Seminars * Consulting Services * In-house Software Systems
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