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Interpersonal Skills for Todays Professional

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The biggest influence on job satisfaction is our relationship with others. Having the skills to interact positively with our co-workers and boss enables the development of effective working relationships and leads to productive business outcomes. This workshop will help you to develop critical interpersonal skills that will pave the way to the achievement of personal, team and organizational objectives.
This is primarily ilt training
Course Level:basic through advanced
Duration:2 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Last Minute Training
  • S asked: Is there a booklet with a guideline for the different skills? We are therapist that would like a reference to use.
  • S asked: Is there a booklet with a guideline for the different skills?
  • J asked: can get info
  • M asked: I am interested to attend the training where & how to avail this in Manila .
  • S asked: Is this seminar being held anywhere in the midwest? Relatively soon?
  • H asked: loo for more courses in quality managment and leader ship i need more information for the training locations and fees thanks
  • W asked: Please send me information on this course and locations where the class is offered.
  • V asked: Looking for interpersonal training dates within days from today.
Interpersonal Skills for Todays Professional
Day One
1. Introduction and Course Overview
2. Personal Best, Professional Best
3. Making a Good Impression
4. Distorted Thinking
5. Steps to Feeling Good
6. Assertiveness
* What is assertiveness?
* The assertiveness model
* Dealing with tough issues
7. Communication
8. Asking and Listening
* Open Questions
* Closed Questions
* Clarifying Questions
* Active Listening
9. Non-Verbal Messages
10. Getting What Others Want
Day Two
1. Self-Management
* Self-Management
* Time Management
* Your Workspace
* Being Proactive
2. Setting Goals
* Personal Action Plan
3. Working as a Team
4. Difficult People
* Defining Conflict
* Blending
* Redirecting
* When Discussions Degenerate into Conflict
5. Saying No
6. Writing
* The Four C s
* Punctuation Pointers
* Letters and Memos
7. De-Stress Options You Can Use Right Now
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