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The Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulation 851 a Industrial Establishmentsa was amended in October 2000, requiring that a professional engineera ™s report be prepared whenever a process or equipment addition or modification involves any of the following: flammable liquids, safeguarding devices, rack or stacking structures, risk of ignition or explosion, dust collectors, molten or melted material lifting devices, travelling cranes or automotive hoists.
More specifically to identify codes and standards that apply, identify documents required, undertake a safety risk assessment, assign a reliability category rating for the safeguarding control systems and prepare a written report.
This is primarily ilt training
Course Level:basic
Duration:2 days
Training Presented in:English
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Pre-Start Health and Safety Review
The Pre-Start Health and Safety Review
* Section 7 of the Regulation for Industrial
* Establishments
* Reviewer s qualifications
* Ministry of Labour guidelines
* Applicable regulations, codes and standards
* Decision flow charts
* Exemptions and supporting documentation
* Required documentation
* Report content
Safeguarding of Machinery
* Risk assessment
* Control reliability
* Safety checklists
* Safe distance calculations
* Standards and Regulations
Flammable Liquids
* Definitions
* Storage requirements
* Fire separations
* Spill control
* Ventilation
* Class 1A Liquids - special requirements
* Dispensing
* Related sections, legislation, codes and standards
Racking and Stacking Structures
* Professional Engineer s drawings and calculations
* Exemption and supporting evidence
Explosion Hazard
* Explosive mixtures
* Isolation of equipment
* Ventilation
* Explosion venting, baffles, chokes and dampers
* Exemption for spray booths
Dust Collectors
* Ignitable dust
* Location and fire separation requirements
* Explosion design and venting
* Exceptions
Molten Metal and Materials
* Spillage prevention
* Risk assessment and engineering controls
* Means of egress and passageways
* Operating and maintenance space requirements
* Special requirements for a cupola
* Control of moisture and explosion hazards
* Grandfather clauses
Lifting Devices
* Definition
* Load markings
* Initial examination
* Controls
* Protection of the operator
* Applicable standards and related sections
* Exemptions and supporting evidence
Occupational Exposure
* Biological and chemical agents
* Designated substances
* MSDS and CAS Reg. No.
* Exposure limits
* Engineering controls
* Ventilation
* Air sampling
* Applicable regulations and standards
There will be a 40-minute lunch break in addition to a refreshment and networking break during the morning and afternoon sessions.
Daily Schedule:
8: 00 Registration and Coffee
8: 30 Session begins
4: 00 Adjournment
At This Workshop You Will Learn How To:
* determine when a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review is required
* obtain exemptions from a Pre-Start Review
* assign control reliability requirements
* avoid a costly Ministry of Labour mandate retrofit
* specify appropriate compliance in your bid documents
* address robotic and machinery hazards
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