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Mentorship Program or Supervised Practice Program

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The Mentorship program or the Supervised Practice Program is to be held once every two months for 5 PATH & 7th Path graduates. The program will take place every second Monday of even numbered months from 5pm to 7pm. The months are February, April, June, August, October, and December. The specific dates of the program are as follows:
1. 9th February 2009
2. 13th April 2009
3. 8th June 2009
4. *10th August, National Day Holiday, so no program today
and no replacement either
5. 12th October 2009
6. 14th December 2009
The Mentorship program or the Supervised Practice Program is to be held once every two months for NGH graduates. The program will take place every second Monday of odd numbered months from 5 pm to 7 pm. The months are January, March, May, July, September, and November. The specific dates are as follows:
1. 12th January 2009
2. 9th March 2009
3. 11th May 2009
4. 13th July 2009
5. 14th September 2009
6. 9th November 2009
The bi-monthly Supervised Practice Program will be theme-based, and two weeks prior to the session, the theme will be posted on the following website: http://www. iact-imdhamastertrainer. com or the new website which is under construction. The information will be duly transmitted to all graduates concerned.
The Centre will be closed on public holidays, so there wona ™t be any program if it happens to fall on a Monday that is a public holiday. No replacement session will be arranged unless unanimously requested by members.
Affiliates can use their participation in the Supervised Program and Volunteer Program to earn CEU (Continuing Education Unit) points that will enable them to renew their membership to professional organisations like NGH, USA.
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This is primarily ilt training
group study and discussionThis class may involve group study
Case StudiesCase Studies
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in Close to Orchard MRT, Singapore, or at one of these training facilities: Next to Novena MRT, Singapore,
Course Level:executive
Duration:2.5 hours
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Petra Hypnosis
Mentorship Program or Supervised Practice Program
Theme-Based; Some sample topics:
1. Quit Smoking Case Studies
2. Sleeping Disorders
3. Stress Management
4. Weight Management
5. Self Hypnosis Workshop
6. 7th Path Self Hypnosis
7. Relationship Issues
8. Bruxism; teeth grinding
9. Confidence Booster
10. Fears and Phobias
11. Fear of Public Speaking
12. Time Management Issues
13. Addictions
14. ADHD
15. Anger Management
16. Bed Wetting
17. Concentration
18. Diabetes & Hypnosis
19. Gambling
20. Hair Pulling
21. Living with Cancer
22. Pain Management
23. Procrastination
24. Recurring Nightmares
25. Skin Solution
26. Sports Improvement
27. Snoring
28. Tinnitus
29. ADHD
30. OCD
31. Mental Toughness
32. Motivation
33. Memory Enhancement
34. Memory Recall
35. Working with Parts
36. Forgiveness Issues
37. Mental Blockage
38. Emotional Blockage
39. Spiritual Blockage
40. Psychogenic Issues
41. Trauma
42. Depression
43. Socializing
44. Image Consciousness
45. Personality Issues
46. Shyness
47. Teenage Issues
48. Rebellious Behaviour
49. Drug Abuse
50. Abuse Issues
51. Infant Massage
52. Children's Issues
53. Mood Changes
54. Test Anxiety, etc.........
About The Training Provider: Petra Hypnosis
Petra Hypnosis - Our training facilities are based in Singapore and we provide a number of hypnotherapy training courses. We are licensed by the Singapore government through ACRA to provide training courses and conduct therapy sessions from our centre, PETRA HYPNOSIS & TRAINING CENTRE PTE LTD We are currently located at 19 TANGLIN ROAD, #06-43/ 44 TANGLIN SHOPPING CENTRE, SINGAPORE 247909. This facility is...
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