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Voice Care and Alexander Technique for teachers...
Hoarse? Straining vocally? Poor postural alignment? The Alexander Technique is well known as a method for dealing with bad backs and the stresses and pains of modern life. It is also an extremely effective method for dealing with voice and breathing problems.
F. M. Alexander was an actor who experienced voice and breathing problems on stage. Following a seven year period of self-observation he returned to the stage free of vocal difficulties. When he first started teaching he dealt exclusively with singers and actors. Only later on did he realise that his technique had an application to most facets of daily life.
Voice clinics have reported that teachers account for as much as 15% of their total case-load. A quick poll of your staff will most likely reveal an additional host of stress and musculo-skeletal problems. An integrated approach, posture and voice, makes perfect economic sense.
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Training Provided by Alan Mars
Voice Care
Voice Care and the Alexander Technique
Understanding the anatomy of the vocal mechanisms. Understanding how posture profoundly influences breathing, voice production and stress management. Gentle manual guidance and verbal coaching coupled with simple exercises in pitch, volume and rhythm. How to warm-up your voice at home etc...
Alan Mars has taught Alexander Technique, voice-work and singing both privately and at many top London drama and music schools, including the Arts Educational Drama School, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the Royal College of Music, since 1982.
He offers in-house lessons throughout the UK. Open courses are available in Brighton and Hove (East Sussex, BN3) and in London Islington, N1)
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Alan Mars - Speak with Confidence. Free your Voice. Public Speaking & Presentation skills training. Business management coaching. London, Brighton, UK & International. Alan Mars is an Alexander Technique & voice teacher who has taught in several top London drama & music schools. Alan has adapted the self-preparation techniques used by performing artists for use in business & commercial settings. Alan...
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