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Unigraphics UG NX CAD for New Users NX 8 NX 9 NX 10 NX 11 and nx 12

Mechanical Design - CAD

On-site training for Unigraphics UG NX users.
Geared toward designers, engineers, toolmakers, etc.
Subject matter includes the NX Interface, Sketcher, Modeling, Assemblies, Drafting, etc.
Supporting Siemens NX versions: NX6, NX7, NX8, NX9 and NX10.
On-site training includes world-class professional instruction, training material, and many part files for hands-on activities used in classroom activities.
Custom Training is available and training Certificates are issued after successful completion of training.
Call Wayne Eubanks at 864-567-5771 for more detail.
Related Software Programs or Products: UG, Unigraphics, Siemens, NX10 nx9
Related Jobs or Careers: CAD Designers, Engineers, Tool Makers, etc.
This is primarily ilt training
workshop / seminarThis is a workshop seminar
train the trainerThis may be appropriate for train the trainer situations
computer labComputer Lab Work
coursewareCourseware may be available for purchase
On site at your companyOn site at your company
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in Greer (Greater Greenville), SC, or at one of these training facilities: Duncan, SC, Greater Greenville SC area, SC, Greater West Palm Beach FL area, FL, Greater Columbia SC area, SC, Greater Seattle WA area, WA, Greater Houston TX area, TX, Greater Orlando FL area, FL,
Course Level:introductory
Duration:5 days
Training Presented in:English
Certificate Program Provided by CADServe International LLC
  • K asked: How to applie datum A
  • U asked: NX................
  • J asked: I am interested in more information about taking this class, where it is held and what the schedule is for it. Thank you,
  • T asked: HI, I'd like information to train one person in the use of NX- NX-. Also contact information for how to buy NX- (one seat.) Thanks Tom , President
  • E asked: I have been working as a CNC MACHINISTS for the last years, at the same time doing some programming along the way. The company I actually work for uses unigraphics and I would like to become certified to become officially a programmer. How can I get training and certification for unigraphics in California, or can you please tell me what my options are? Thanks
  • A asked: would like to know about UG training and locations, course dates and cost. Please reply to: com
  • R asked: Dear Sir, I'm years old. Could you send me the list of requirement for this training? What will be the cost? I'm using Autocad for my D design, are there many command related to? Thank you Best Regards
  • L asked: hello, im Lim from Malaysia. Im currently studying degree for mechanical engineering. I am a new user with very basic sketching ability for NX, i would like to ask: ) what programme could you recommend me if i wants to learn about how to sketchs, assemblies, makes animation, and also manufacturing? ) how much would it cost? ) where is this training?
  • R asked: sir i want to do cad form your company please send me details
  • J asked: I am trying to get information on UG NX training. Where, when, and how much?
  • M asked: I would like information on classes being offered at your training facility.
  • R asked: I am trying to take a beginner class that will get me started using NX. I am not associated with any co. I would be doing this on my own in order to obtain a position using this software. Any reply would be great. Thanks
  • S asked: How much do the coarse cost.
  • J asked: We have engineers who are very experienced designers in CATIA V that need to support a project in Unigraphics NX starting in September. I would like to understand the training options that you have available for UG NX for this type of individual for all aspects of parts design including D parts modelling of complex shapes, design techniques with UG, etc.
  • P asked: Want certification in NX
  • C asked: Do you offer classroom based training in central Florida dor NX new users?
  • N asked: We're interested for on site training for about to people, in Unigraphics NX. Model, Assenbly & details. Please contact me to go over the details. Thanks, --
  • A asked: pro-engineer user who wants to learn NX software.> Which course to follow and what are the costs for modeling and detailing? Where can i do the course?
  • S asked: best training at INDORE CITY
  • C asked: Cost of basic training please & where to get it in the UK.
  • E asked: When are the classes?
  • B asked: Dear Sir, I want unigraphics online traning. Please let me details. B. vishwanath Cell No:
  • C asked: Do you have basic unigraphics class in Michigan? If so where and when are the classes available. I appreciate any help I can get.
  • M asked: I would like more information concerning NX training. Thanks
  • asked: I would like to receive hands-on training of NX-. I have Autocad experience but am a new to NX-. Thanks, Chris Sherkel

Unigraphics UG NX CAD for New Users NX 8 NX 9 NX 10 NX 11 and nx 12 Seminar Schedule

January, 2018
8th Jan   Onsite at your location   [Register]
22nd Jan   Onsite at your location   [Register]
Unigraphics UG NX CAD for New Users NX 8 NX 9 NX 10 NX 11 and nx 12
Training is geared toward designers, engineers, toolmakers, etc.
Subject matter includes the Siemens Unigraphics UG NX CAD application and its use as applied to newer users. Topics include Interface, sketcher, modeling, assemblies, and drafting.
Includes training manuals and part files used in the classroom for student hands on activities and workshops.
Cad training for Siemens NX7, NX8, NX9 and NX10 is comprehensive, and even those who are totally new to cad will be given a solid foundation and be able to create 3D models and drawings when complete
Customized training available.
Student certificates issued upon successful completion.
Onsite user support is also available.
Fore more info call 864-567-5771 and ask for Wayne Eubanks
About The Training Provider: CADServe International LLC
CADServe International LLC - Cadserve International LLC, based in the Greer, SC area USA is a global provider of onsite training for the Siemens Unigraphics UG NX CAD system and Teamcenter PLM systems. We provide Onsite Unigraphics UGNX CAD training, consulting, and Engineering user support for the following software: Unigraphics UG Siemens NX versions NX7, NX8, NX9, NX10, and NX11. We also provide offsite short...
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