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This 3-day course is an intense workshop on developing Spring applications with Hibernate O/ R mapping. This course has been developed by Rob Harrop, Principal Consultant of SpringSource.
In this workshop you will learn:
* Spring Framework foundations
* Hibernate fundamentals and advanced Hibernate concepts.
* How to create effective data-driven Spring applications with Hibernate.
* With the focus on the data tier, you will learn to configure Hibernate in the context of a Spring application
* How to create efficient object/ data mappings with Hibernate
* How to leverage the Spring Framework to facilitate Hibernate session, transaction and exception management.
* And much more...
As a world-class SpringSource University workshop, "Hibernate with Spring" is hands-on and holistic. In this course, you will build a realistic Spring-powered data-tier application from the ground up in an incremental fashion. You will immediately become productive applying the technology to solve real-world object relational mapping development problems.
This course is a great next course for "RWA-001: Rich Web Applications with Spring" courtse alumni. It is also suitable for "SPR-001: Core Spring" alumni or as a first course for enterprise Java developers who are familiar with Spring basics and seek comprehensive coverage of O/ R mapping techniques (using Hibernate) for data-tier application development in Spring.
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Hibernate with Spring
In this three-day training you learn how to use the Spring Framework to create well-designed, testable business applications using persistence based upon the popular object/ relational mapping framework, Hibernate.
A day-by-day outline of our flagship Spring training course follows:
Day 1 - Spring Framework Foundations
* Introduction to the lightweight container architecture and the Spring Application Context
* How Dependency Injection and Test-Driven Development allow you to develop consistently structured, highly configurable, easily testable applications quickly
* How Spring helps you write better, more cohesive code, with a discussion of relevant Object-Oriented design patterns
* Hands-on labs based upon a realistic business case to be extended throughout the course
* Effective persistence: how to build a persistence layer with Spring in best-practice fashion
* Analysis and tradeoffs of the relevant persistence strategies of Hibernate and Spring JDBC
* Transaction management strategies with Spring at the service layer
* Middle-tier unit and integration test strategies
Day 2 - Hibernate Fundamentals
* Configuring a Hibernate SessionFactory and using native Hibernate DAOs
* Mapping Inheritance Strategies and Value Objects
* The Hibernate Query Language (HQL) and externalizing queries
* The Criteria API and SQL Queries
* Data filters
* Working with Hibernate objects in different states and in web applications
* Testing Hibernate code
Day 3 - Advanced Hibernate Topics
* Locking Strategies and Mixing JDBC with Hibernate
* Mapping non-indexed collections
* Using components to map domain objects across multiple columns in a database table
* Mapping Indexed Collections and Joins
* Using Hibernate Extension Points
* Using Additional Hibernate Tools and Batch Operations
About The Training Provider: SpringPeople Technologies Private Limited
SpringPeople Technologies Private Limited - SpringPeople is the Master Certified Training Partner for SpringSource Inc. in India, bringing the "official" world-class Spring Framework, key Apache projects and Groovy/ Grails education & certification from the open-source thought leaders who created and maintain these technologies. SpringSource University is the division of SpringSource providing immensely popular, high-quality public...
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