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Become a qualified counsellor. The course provides an opportunity to interact with and learn from very successful, highly qualified and experienced professionals. It also allows you to enter one of the fastest growing professions.
How will you benefit?
- Fast track your career as a counsellor
- Learn the inside secrets of how to become a counselling pro in months not years!
- Study a counselling course that was designed in conjunction with senior members of the profession
- Free up valuable time, don't waste time and money travelling to classes
- Study at your own pace whenever and wherever you are
- Have access to a tutor who works in the industry you are training for
- Easy interest free payment plans
Start reaping the benefits by enrolling today!
Related Jobs or Careers: Counselling (eg. Family counselling, Grief counselling, Conflict resolution, Education counselling, welfare and social work)
This is primarily online training
Course Level:basic through advanced
Training Presented in:English
Online Certificate Program Provided by International Career Institute
  • P asked: What costs are involved? How long does it take ? Do I need State licensing?
  • S asked: Dear sir/ madam, can i do this course from Pakistan
  • S asked: hi i want to know the details about counselling course. plz forward me the details including fee structure.
  • T asked: more information and cost, thanks
  • T asked: Hello, I'm interested in your course and would like info regarding the following: -prices/ fees -what certificate I can receive at the end of the training -I have been working in the counseling/ coaching field for years already (as part of an NGO that works with youth, and adults and offers counseling to both): what level should and can I study at? (again, what certificate will I receive after that course?) -can you send the course material outside of the US? -how soon can I start? Thanks for the info, Kindly, Tatiana
  • B asked: I wish to acquire training in child psychotherapy. I am already into counselling but desire to get more into child counselling especially those children with behavioural disorders
  • F asked: I would like to take an online diploma/ advanced course in psychology. Could you please provide me with course details and pricing? Best, Mia
  • M asked: I would like to know the details of the course such as course content, duration of the course, fees, eligibility, and whether this course can be pursued online.
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  • L asked: What is the cost of this program and how can I obtain this degree quickly?
  • P asked: What is the course fee? How do I have to make the payment? What is the course duration? What is the validity of the certificate? Will I get any study material? Do u have any contact number for further clarifications?
  • A asked: Hello, Can i request to have a detail document to know about Councelling Psycology Course. I'm pretty keen to explore my career in the same stream. Thank you in advance. Regards,
  • A asked: please let me have more info on your course and application mode. thanks
  • M asked: Details about the course, duration of the course and fees in indian currency
  • asked: what is the qualification required for this course?
Counselling Psychology Course
Introducing Counselling Skills
Unit 2
Personal Development
Unit 3
Taking Care of Yourself
Unit 4
Maintaining Good Practice
Unit 5
Being a Listening Helper
Unit 6
Qualities, Skills, and Knowledge for Listening
Unit 7
Recognising Your Own Barriers to Listening
Unit 8
Establishing a Helping Relationship
Unit 9
Counselling Practise 1: Beginning the Discussion
Unit 10
Counselling Practise 2: Deepening Understanding
Unit 11
Counselling Practise 3: Working with Action and Endings
Unit 12
Being Prepared for Common Personal Problems
Unit 13
Understanding People from a Social Perspective
Unit 14
Understanding Individuals from a Psychological Perspective
Unit 15
Coping with Different Types of Helping Conversations
Unit 16
Dealing with Difficulties
Unit 17
Key Counselling Skills
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