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The ICI Interior Design & Decoration course has been designed in consultation with the Interior Decoration & Design industry and teaches you the skills that you need to succeed quickly and conveniently.
How will you benefit?
- Fast track your career in Interior Decoration & Design
- Learn the inside secrets on how to become an interior decoration & design pro in months not years!
- Study an Interior Decoration & Design course that was designed in conjunction with the Interior Decoration & Design industry
- Free up valuable time, don't waste time and money travelling to classes
- Study at your own pace whenever and wherever you are
- Have access to a tutor who works in the industry you are training for
- Easy interest free payment plans
Exciting, diverse projects
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This is primarily online training
Course Level:basic
Training Presented in:English
Online Certificate Program Provided by International Career Institute
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  • P asked: I am an retired person and has a hobby in learning interior decoration and design i worked as senior plumbing Engineering
  • S asked: tell me about interior designing and how we should use colour in a room?
  • P asked: every thing on color schemes & the elements of design
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Interior Design Decoration Course
Introduction to Interior Design and Decoration
What is interior design?, Interior Design History, Interior Design vs Interior Decoration?, Introduction to Elements of Design, Principles of Design, Workplace Design with Colour and Light, Developing a Colour Scheme.
Elements and Principles of Design
Elements of Design: Line, Pattern, Texture, Colour, Area, Shape, Form and Space.
Principles of Design: Discord and Variety, Harmony and Unity, Contrast and Emphasis, Rhythm, Repetition and Radiation, Proportion, Gradation and Alternation, Balance.
Elements of a Decoration Plan
Functional and Decorative Use of Colour
Colour Planning: Function of the Area, Existing Furniture and Furnishings, the Style of D cor, Aspect and Natural Lighting, Spatial Relationships, Personal Taste, Colour Psychology, Floor Coverings, Window Treatments, Furniture.
Lighting Effects on Colour
Decorating With Light: Incandescent, Fluorescent, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapour, Tungsten, Tungsten Halogen.
Planning a Harmonious Decorative Colour Scheme for a Client
Planning a Harmonious Decorative Scheme, The Process of Planning, the Beginning of Your Decoration Plan, Notes From Client Briefing, Results of the Client Briefing, Displaying or Presenting Your Proposal, Types of Visuals, Measured Survey, Schedule of Materials.
Light and Colour I
Introduction to the Science of Light and Colour, The Luminous Environment, The Nature of Colour
Light and Colour II
Colour and Emotion, Colour Preferences, Colour and Light, Optical Effects, Colour Schemes, Applying Colour.
Light and Colour III
Colour and Emotion, Colour Preferences, Colour and Light, Optical Effects, Colour Schemes, Applying Colour.
Decorating Styles
Colonial, Country, Eclectic, Modern, Neo-Classical, Victorian, Other Decorating Styles
How to Decorate (Step by Step)
How to: Undertake Space Planning, Determining the Best Layout, Choose a Colour Scheme, Determine Flooring Requirements, Select Wall Treatments, Determine Lighting Requirements, Complete any Repairs or Renovations, Select Furnishings, Choose Window Coverings, Arrange the Furniture, Accessorize, Evaluate the Decorating
Building Systems and Components
Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical
Primary Interior Finish Materials: Concrete, Masonry, Stone, Metals, Wood, Plastic, Glass, Wall Board, Tile, Terrazzo, Acoustic Ceiling systems, Resilient Flooring, Carpet, Paint and Other Film-Applied Finishes, Wall covering, Fabric and Textiles
Furniture, Window Treatment, Signage/ Graphics, Accessories, Art, Plants
Interior Planting
Design and Maintenance
Job Seeking Skills
Getting Hired: Job Hunting Materials, Your Portfolio, Your Resume and Cover Letter, Locating Jobs, Advertised Positions, Unadvertised Positions, Who Employs Interior Decorators, Discussing Salary
Starting Your Own Interior Design Business
How to: Start Your Interior Design Business, How to Build Your Portfolio, What you ll need, Retail / Wholesale Supplies, Choosing Target Markets, Getting Clients, How to Price Jobs, Managing Clients, Working with Suppliers and Contractors
About The Training Provider: International Career Institute
International Career Institute - Who is looking out for your career? Your employer? probably not, your accountant? we doubt it. However at ICI we are looking out for your interests. Not only will we teach you with the most effective skills and knowledge we will also help get your dream job or even help you start your own business The International Career Institute (ICI) is a leading provider of distance education. Using...
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