Learn how to tattoo


International School Of Body Art
We offer you a 8 Dvd Package covering all aspects of tattooing produced in 24 videos covering everything you will you need to get started in the world of tattooing.
We also provide a free set of 15 guides to help you along the way, over 200 pages of need to know information.
All made in 2009
Now available is a full 1 year tattoo or body piercing apprenticeship that will offer you 1 year of one on one time with Gary Gray
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This is primarily dvd training
self directedThis is a self-directed course
study at homeThis course may be available for home-study
DVDThis video may be available on DVD
Course Level:intermediate
Duration:12 months
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by International School Of Body Art
  • J asked: there is no shop here in the town im living in is willing to help me to learn tattooing, how would i go by learning tattooing if there is no shop is willing to help me out
  • R asked: just want to know how to start tattoing , tips and tricks for a first time tattooist
  • C asked: What classes in high school would i have to take to get into this school?
  • L asked: how much is the course
  • K asked: I am interested in becoming a tatoo artist
  • S asked: I would like to learn how to tattoo as well as I would like to know how much it would cost me to take schooling for tattooing?
  • M asked: How do you obtain a year apprenticeship with gary gray?
  • B asked: what is your fee of tattooing course.
  • K asked: can you send me more info on this course
  • J asked: how much will this course cost????
  • S asked: Can i get a dvd?
  • T asked: I would like training dvds and or books to help me learn tattooing. I have a general idea, but I want to now more about the cross contamination so I don't cause illness to anyone.
  • A asked: I would like this course
  • C asked: how do I get started and certified.
  • B asked: I would like to aquire more info on this "course", cost etc.
  • W asked: what is the cost? what is a break down of the course, and all that it entails?
  • L asked: How do I get your info and what are prices ?
  • B asked: How do I get started and also, what college courses should I take
  • L asked: im looking for free info on how to become a tatoo artists, or any courses that I can do!! Im already an art student!!
  • M asked: Would like to know do you offer any free training
  • J asked: Hi, I was just wondering how much this training costs & if I'd be required to purchase the whole set of DVD's or if you sell certain ones individually. Thanks, J. R.
  • J asked: Hi, I was curious as to any and all possible courses that would help to become a tatooist.
Learn how to tattoo
Tools Of The Trade, set-up a functioning tattoo area, Tattoo machine parts unassembled, Set up and tuning of your Machine, Sterilization, Making Line drawings and stencils, Practice supplies, blood lining, Gray lining, Black and Gray Tattooing, Tattoo restoration, Cover up, Aftercare forms, release forms, Portrait tattooing, And many more... If you are interested in learning more please check out our website at
www. internationalschoolofbodyart. com
we also offer a full one year online study program with tattoo artist Gary Gray who will work one on one with you and help you to develop fundemental skills to succeed in tattooing or body piercing.
you can also check this out at the above website or email gary direct at Gary internationalschoolofbodyart. com with any questions that you may have or complete a question form from this site and he will get back to you as soon as he recieves the maeesage
About The Training Provider: International School Of Body Art
International School Of Body Art - we have a 7 dvd video course on learning to tattoo. Along with a 4 dvd coure on How to body Pierce. the courses are very informative and go over all aspects of body art. This course covers all aspects of Tattooing and body piercing in each set offered. The course has been sold all over the world and is accpeped my many state and local health departments and will educate you in the many...
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